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It would depend on how damaged the cartage is.

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Q: How can you fix your broken Pokemon game?
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How can you save your game on Pokemon Silver?

on Pokemon silver press the start button and click save if it doesnt work then your internal clock is broken and you need to bring the game to gamestop and they will fix it

How do you fix broken games?

Depeds on how they are broken :l

How do you fixthe battery in the Pokemon Silver game?

U need to fix it at gamestop! But it costs a lot of money to fix your Pokemon silver game!

How can you fix your curropted Pokemon diamond game?


How can i fix a video game that doesn't work?

might be scratched or broken or dusty if broken or scratched it dead.

How do you fix the weather in Pokemon emerold?

Use a different weathermove, like hail, sunny day or rain dance. If you're talking about outside of battles, I think your game is broken.

Can a game stop fix a broken game?

i highly doubt it and even if they could you would have to pay.

How do you fix your Pokemon Yellow?

you could go to that store and see if they could fix it other wise it's broken for good (this is gonna be one of my last posts Pokemon masta rulez by!)

How do you fix a Pokemon diamond game crash?

Turn on the sound

How do you fix Pokemon platinum game?

you can't tghe only way is too take it to ebgames or game or any game sop and they will fix it or replace it for about $20

What are the release dates for IGN Daily Fix - 2009 Free Game for Broken X1s and PSN Issues?

IGN Daily Fix - 2009 Free Game for Broken X1s and PSN Issues was released on: USA: 26 November 2013

How can you fix Pokemon diamond from an action replay code?

Start new game