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call Nintendo or visit their number is 1-800-255-3700. They are open 6am-7pm western time. Ask about getting an exsisting repair. If you are really in trouble you could become a club Nintendo member and put in your dsi serial number then link your system via a wireless router and get a 90 day warranty. Please write on my message board if you need any additional help.

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Q: How can you fix a scratched screen on Nintendo DSi?
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Does gamestop fix calibration and the scratched up screen on your ds?

Gamestop is not responsible for system repairs. Issues with scratched screens should be directed to Nintendo's support site. Touch screen calibration can also be done in the settings menu, both on the legacy DS and DSi models.

How do you fix your broken dsi top screen?

Send it to Nintendo or another authorized retailer. It will cost 60$, but hey, its worth it

How do you fix a dsi?

if you mail it back to the Nintendo company, they'll fix it for free once

Can you fix the screen on the Nintendo Or do you have to fix it?

sell it and buy a ps3

How can you fix a Nintendo DSi?

You go to the Nintendo website send it to them and tell them why you sent it to them and they will send it back fixed or unfixed

How to fix an nintendo dsi xl if the games wont show on there?

In order to connect the Nintendo dsi shop you'll need a compaible wireless access to a broadband internet connection.

How do you fix Nintendo DSi sound if not AAC?

You need to change the music format to AAC.

How do you fix a dsi when there are stripes on the screen?

hump it and get knocked up and have a dsiby

How do you fix a system memory damaged on a Nintendo DSi?

Sorry but this is my best answer: go to a computer repair place and see if they can fix it.

How do you fix wii Black screen without sending it into nintendo?

You can fix Wii Black screen without sending it into Nintendo by pulling out the plugs at the back, and re inserting them.

If you break your dsi and have a 1 year insurance with Nintendo will they give you a new one?

if they cant fix it then yes they have to

Can Gamestop fix DSi dents in the touch screen?

i don't think so but you can go on eBay and get a new screen cheap.