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I don't understand why it wont let me get on. When I press online multiplayer it takes forever to load and then it says alert and loads again and it does the same thing over and over until it freezes (xbox). Help?

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Q: How can you do multiplayer in undead nightmare?
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Can you level up in undead nightmare multiplayer?

Yes it is exactly the same as the multiplayer for Red Dead Redemption

How do you get on horde mode on red dead redemption undead nightmare?

Go into multiplayer free roam press select then go to undead

Is red dead redemtion undead nightmare on 2 player offline?

No it is not, it is only multiplayer online.

Does red dead redemption undead nightmare have ofline multiplayer?

You cannot play split screen on Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

Can you get a knife on red dead redemtion undead nightmare?

you can get a knife in multiplayer i dont think single though.

How do you play rdr undead nightmare multiplayer without internet ps3 verison?

You are unable to play multiplayer on Red Dead Redemption without an internet connection.

Can you play the original red dead redemption campaign on the red dead redemption undead nightmare disc?

No. Undead Nightmare standalone disc is the Undead Nightmare, Legends and Killers and Liars and Cheats packs (possibly Outlaws to the End too) + Multiplayer. There's a possibility your multiplayer lvl from RDR carries over when using the UN disc. I do not know as i have RDR and the UN download for Xbox but the UN disc for PS3

Do you use the same level on your regular multiplayer for the undead nightmare level like leveling up and unlocking new stuff?

Yes, undead nightmare online is simply an extension of regular online, your levels and unlocks remain the same.

Could i buy red dead redemption undead nightmare without the original red dead redemption and play free roam just like the normal game?

yes the multiplayer works but the single player is only undead nightmare

Is bigfoot on red dead redemption or undead nightmare?

its on Undead Nightmare

How do you put red dead redemption undead nightmare into offline multilayer?

You cannot play multiplayer mode without internet connections.

How do you get free roam in red dead redemption undead nightmare online?

Just go onto multiplayer and join a free roam session.