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idk all of them but i do know that you can play the red dead redemption dlc undead nightmare

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Q: What games can you play their DLC without owning the game?
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Can you play game add ons without owning the game?

No, not usually. Mostly, you need to own the core game. There are some episodes of games that you can play without owning the original, but they are separate games, not add-ons.

Can you play halo 3 without owning the game?

Are you stupid. Yes you need the game

How can you play nancy drew games without down loading?

You can try the mini games at but you can't play a whole game without downloading sorry

How can you play powder game without java?

you can't really play any games that are Java without Java unless you download it.

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Read my answer under the question How do you play a PC game without the disc in the disc drive? on this site.

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One might dream of owning the game Wet, possibly because of the game play quality the game possesses. However there are other factors such as graphics and the game's storyline.

Is it possibe to play lumosity games without membership?

Yes, you can play a limited amount of games without a membership, but having a membership unlocks more games, training courses, game history, and much more.

How do you play xbox 360 games with other xbox 360 without going online?

You can play any online game without Xbox live.

Why does r4 not play games without sav file?

It does but you have to create a save file after you open the game

How can you play ps2 game on PC?

Not without a PCSX2 emulator and only for some games with one

What are the webs for downloadable games for ds lite?

There are no downloadable games for ds. ds download play means that if a friend has a cartrage you can play it without the game. (only some games have the feature.)

Can you play games without downloading?

Some games, known as Flash Games, are not required to download to play them. Most other games however, do require a download of some sort so you can play them whether they are a trial or a full game.