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It's impossible to deleat a HM.

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Q: How can you delete hm from your bag in Pokemon Heart Gold?
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How do you delete key items in your bag in Pokemon blue?

you can not

How do you open your bag in Pokemon Gold?

hit "start" the select "bag"

Pokemon soul silver cheat delete evrithing in your bag?

well my beloved friend it does fuging

How do you deposit items in Pokemon Gold?

they just go directly in the bag

Is there a Code for action replay to delete items from bag in Pokemon diamond?

on your bag, just click throw away once u click A on an item.

How do you get a dragon's fang Pokemon Gold?

in the dragons den after you win the last bag

Where is the map in Pokemon Gold?

check in ur bag...go to key shuld be there!

What is the code for Pokemon heart gold get all items?

it is already updated in the action replay. in BAG CODES, just check off each of the codes. this code does not give you all key items.

How do you cheat with a action replay in Pokemon HeartGold?

Delete EVERYTHING from your bag , then use cheat. [cannot work if you have all16 gym badges]

How do you bring up a heart scale from the underground in Pokemon diamond?

Select the heart scale in the treasures pocket, then select the put in bag option

How can you tell when a pauls boutique bag is fake?

The real Pauls Boutique Bag usally has on the bag PAULS BOUTIQUE or I (heart) PB. and it always has a gold plate that says pauls boutique. hope this helps:)

How do you use the squirt bottle in Pokemon heart gold?

Go to the Key Items pocket in your bag, press "Use" and you will be able to use it. For doing on the Sudowoodo blocking your way to Ecruteak City, just press "A" when your close enough to the Sudowoodo.