How can you cuddle in Sims 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I haven't played it in a while but usually you can cuddle in the bed. You have to have both of them in the bed, relaxing. Then click on the other Sim and make sure that the word has a little yellow ball or something.So, Yeah that's about it.

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Q: How can you cuddle in Sims 3?
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How di cuddle on sims 3 for phone?

Get on the bed then choose "Cuddle" as an interaction.

How do you cuddle in the bed in sims 2?

Get both of the sims in the bed relaxing and select one of the sims that is laying in bed then click on the other sim and select cuddle.

How do you get pregnant on The Sims 3 for 3ds?

You Have To Have Both Sims To Relax In The Bed Then Click On The Bed Or The Sim You Are Not Using Then It Will Say Cuddle Then You Click Cuddle Then Cuddle Almost About 4 Times Then It Will Say Kiss And Make Out And WOOHOO You Click Any Thing You Want HOPE ITS WORK. :)

How do you cuddle a cat in sims free play for iphone?

Get 13 sims, spare 100.000 solemeons, build pet store, get a cat and then.tap on cuddle :-)

Can you have a baby on The Sims?

On the Sims 1 you have to kiss 10 times. On the Sims 2 and 3 you need a boy and Sim and a girl Sim "Relax" and bed. Then what I do is make them cuddle, then kiss, then makeout, then pick "Try for Baby."

What if all it says is kiss after you press cuddle on sims 2?

your Sims need to build up there relationship

How do sims have babies on sims 2 hotel?

Go in the bed or hotub and click cuddle then click try for a baby.

How do you get sims to cuddle on sims 2 for ps2?

You need to have a double bed Then you gret a sim to go upto the bed and press relax The one of your optins will be Call Over ,So call over the sim you want to cuddle with Then they will come in the bed then you can press ~ Read Cuddle Woohoo ~ press cuddle and hopefully you wont get rejected xx hope i helped

Can you have a baby in The Sims 3 ds?

Yes, make two lover relax on the bed and then click on cuddle option and after when they will start cuddle click on them again an option will appear "Try for baby" do it twice or thrice then the mother will get pregnant and after some days a bundle of joy arrives

Can you have a baby on sims 2 for mac if so how?

With two sims that are in love, have them rest in bed. When they are both there, click on the person you are not on and choose cuddle. After that, you can choose try for baby

How do you get the puppy out off the basket in sims 2 pets?

you can only take it out to cuddle with it. it will get out on its own when it grows up.

How do you get your sim pregnant on Sims 3 ambition?

1.) Get 2 sims in love (Romantic interest, daing, married etc.) 2.) Get a double bed 3.) Have both sims 'relax' in the bed 4.) Click 'cuddle' 5.) Keep doing romantic interactions in bed until 'try for baby' is there, even if that means 'woohooing' (having sex)