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You can't, you need the HM CUT.

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Q: How can you climb trees in pokemon emerald?
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How do you climb trees in Pokemon emerald?

Use the move Secret Power on certain trees and climb the vine that falls down. Use the move Secret Power on certain trees and climb the vine that falls down.

How do you get TM rock climb in Pokemon Emerald?

You Can't Get The HM Rock Climb In Pokemon Emerald Because Its Only Availible In Pokemon Diamond,Pearl,And Platinum.

On Pokemon sapphire On Pokemon sapphire vershen how do you get the hm rock climb?

Rock Climb doesn't exist in Sapphire. It actually exist in Emerald so trade a Pokemon from Emerald to Sapphire that has rock climb!

On Pokemon emerald where do you get rock climb?

you cant get rock climb there isn't one in emerald it was invented in diamond and pearl

How do you climb the sand burrows in Pokemon emerald?

get a bike

How do you climb up a water fall in Pokemon emerald?

Get the waterfall hm!

Which move in Pokemon emerald can scale the rocks wall?

rock climb

What can be done with GameShark codes to the video game 'Pokemon Emerald'?

The video game 'Pokemon Emerald' can be affected with codes from the GameShark in that you can do things such as climb walls, as well as catch the legendary Pokemon Mew.

How do you get bloody tickit on Pokemon Emerald?

I'm not all that sure about how you get it.(problabe an event)But if you get to the island you climb a hill and belive it or not YOU WILL FIND A MEW IN EMERALD!!!!

How do you go in island cave in Pokemon emerald?

U use surf then rock climb and kyogre should be there

How do you get the HM Rock Climb in Pokemon emerald?

Rock climb was added in 4th gen idiot. It doesn't exist in 3rd gen in any shape or form

How do you cacth Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to route 131 and climb the sky pillar but you need a mach bike.