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i dont think u can..... without deleting your character

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Q: How can you change your job in soul calibur 3?
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What character job is Cassandra's soul in soul calibur 3?


Where do you get soul calibur in soul calibur 3?

its the default weapon of siegfried

Amy in Soul Calibur IV?

Amy is in Soul Calibur iv, if that's what you're asking. She is also available as an unlockable bonus character in Soul Calibur 3

Soul calibur 3?

Yes? What about it?

Which is better soul calibur 2 or 3?


How do you get the last weapons in soul calibur 3?

if you complete the training mode for the character with the character you want to have the weapon -Dominic A.K.A. Soul calibur master

Where is the soul caliber in Fallout 3?

You'd need a PC mod to get the Soul Calibur.

Is soul calibur 3 for GameCube?

I don't believe so.

Is there any kind of cheat code for soul calibur 3?


How do you get the Galley Oar for Siegfried on Soul calibur 3?

Win GREAT in Soul Smash(Hard) with Siegfried

How do you unlock the characters in soul calibur 3?

Renevant:Defeat Renevant in Tales of Souls,or when

Which xbox360 game is better Halo 3 or soul calibur 4?

definitely halo 3.