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Yes, some characters have 2 costumes, while a few have 3.

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Q: Do soul calibur 2 have alternate costumes?
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How do you get link in soul calibur 2?

in soul calibur 2, link is already a playable character when you start the game.

How do you get sophitai in soul calibur 2?

You get Sophitia in soul Calibur 2 by beating the 1st gate to beating Inferno on Weapon Master mode

Which is better soul calibur 2 or 3?


Can you unlock inferno in soul calibur 2?


Where do you get Soul Calibur 2?

You can buy one used from gamestop or from Amazon.

Is spawn on soul calibur 2?

yes,but only for the x box.

How do you get the inferno on soul calibur 2?

You cannot, he is an NPC (Non Playable Character)

How do you get link in soul calibur 2 for ps2?

You cannot, he is only playable on Gamecube.

What are the release dates for The Game Room - 1999 Soul Calibur and Hydro Thunder 1-2?

The Game Room - 1999 Soul Calibur and Hydro Thunder 1-2 was released on: USA: 19 November 1999

What games have Behemoth made?

i think they made soul calibur 2 3 and 4

How do you get soul edge and soul calibur to all characters in soul calibur 2?

It should be accomplished, by either beating arcade mode on every character, or beating Weapon master mode on every character. I'm not sure which one of the two methods it is.

PS2 video games titles?

soul calibur 2, shadow of the colossus, ratchet and clank.