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there is a microphone in between the top screen and touch screen (bottom screen). Blow into it.

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Q: How can you blow the ember trap fire in dp and what do you mean by blow in mic?
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How do you get out of a ember trap and what is a mic?

You blow into the mic and the mic is the little hole on the front of the DS.

How do you get out of a fire trap on emulator?

If your playing on a laptop with build-in mic, you can blow into it to remove the fire trap

How can you escape the fire trap in Pokemon pearl?

You literally blow on it.

In Pokemon diamond how do you get out of a ember trap in computer version?

simply blow them away literally with your mouth by blowing into the microphone on your DS.

How do you get rid of the fire trap in diamond?

You will need to blow into the microphone to get rid of the flames.

Pokemon diamond for Nintendo ds how to blow away traps?

Well, this depends on what you mean by this. I'm assuming you mean in Sinnoh Underground, when digging how you avoid the traps? By using the touch screen and tapping it, you can see the traps on the floor and avoid activating them (you can even 'find' them on the floor and take them for yourself). Other than that, if you DO encounter a trap which you have to 'blow' away the parts (leaf, ember, petal, etc, etc), simply blow into the microphone and the trap will disappear

In Pokemon platinum how do stop the fire trap?

blow into the mic (microphone)just above the bottom screen of the Nintendo ds when the fire trap appears underground if this does not work your mic is broken,faulty or too or not sensitive enough :)

How do you get past the fire trap in Pokemon Diamond ds?

You blow on the dsi, i'm not sure if a ds can recognize wind on pokemon diamond or not.

How do you escape the Fire and Leaf traps underground in DPPt?

You can easily dispatch an ember or leaf trap within a second by blowing into the mic (right into the hole between the DS' two screens).

How do you get out of the fire trap in dp laptop version?

You need to have a mic(the one u use to talk in MSN or voice record). Blow into it, and volia!

How do you get out of the flower trap in Pokemon platinum?

Blow into the Mic on your DS to blow the petals away.

How do i get out a leaf trap in Pokemon pearl?

Blow into the mic