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That is not possible. If you try and cheat to get a CP membership without paying,or refresh the page while cheating to make it think you payed,it may DOUBLE bill you. It probably will never be possible to get a membership for free. The lowest price for membership is 5.95 but you would have to pay online for that price. Six months is 29.95 and twelve months is 57.95. Do not even try getting anything on Club Penguin for free unless Club Penguin decides the item you want is free.

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Q: How can you become a member without paying on club penguin?
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How can you become a member on runescape without paying?

There is no way to become a member without paying on Runescape.This would be classed as an illegal action against there Terms & Conditions. Any site offereing a ' Free Membership ' or ' Server Access ' is more than likely going to be a Scipter / Keyloggers password stealing website.This is also illegal under the terms of service for that website. We will not answer such questions as it is a violation of our Terms of Service.Note to supervisors: This is a supervisor's catch all. Do not unprotect.

How do you make your igloo bigger without paying on club penguin?

It is not possible. You need a membership to get a bigger igloo and furniture.

How you ca be memebership in aq?

Actually, you can't get a free membership in AQWorlds without paying real money to Artix Entertainment. Even if you try to cheat to become a member, AE will automatically ban your account. If you want to be a member, you might as well purchase it.

How do you flip pizza on Club Penguin?

be a member by paying then buy the chef hat and apron then u get the pizza emote or just press the letter "d"

How do you get free member on Clun Penguin?

Sir or Madam,There is 1 possible way to get membership without paying,but you gotta pay for the way to get membership without paying, LOL, what you have to do is go to a local store (publix target or toys r us reccomended) and get a member ship card. These cards come in one month membership or six months membership cards. If you don't want to get that, because if you get that you spend ALL your coins but, anyways you can get codes. Codes will unlock you things that you can only get as a member.I have unlocked things as a nonmember, and it really helps you.I really hope this article helps and please remember if you see me on club penguin to say hi!-Hrn2009 on club penguin

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How do you become a club penguin member without paying?

You can't.

How do you become member on club penguin without paying?

That's not possible. You have to be a member to play Club Penguin.

How do you become a member on club penguin without paying money?

You can't!

Can you become a clup penguin member without paying?

It's not possible

How do you become a club penguin member without paying any money?

u cant xD

Can you become a member without paying in club penguin?

Yes, but you would have to hack into it which is not good.... or you can use club penguin cc which is good

Can you be a member whithout paying in club penguin?


What website should you go to to become a member of Club Penguin for free?

Its easy make a prize rebel account then earn seven points and you can become a member of club penguin for a month without paying.

How do you become a member on club penguin without paying or using a program?

You will have to pay, as any other way will be illegal.

In the club penguin elite penguin force Nintendo ds can you be a member without paying?

you allready are a member on cp elite penguin force

Club penguin if you are not a member?

dont become s memberit is a waste of $$ just think of what u have without paying 6 $ a month

How become a member again without paying on Club Penguin?

You cannot be a member without paying. if you hack a membership, it's called stealing and you could get arrested.