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It is not possible. You need a membership to get a bigger igloo and furniture.

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Q: How do you make your igloo bigger without paying on club penguin?
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How do you make your igloo bigger on club penguin?

1. go into igloo 2. go to catalog 3. buy bigger igloo

Can you talk with somebody alone without going to your igloo on club penguin?


How do you get to your igloo in Club Penguin?

to get to your igloo on club penguin you click on the picture that looks like a igloo

How do you make your club penguin house bigger?

hi how you make your penguin bigger on club penguin is you send all your money on whatever you want then click on your penguin 5 or 10 times and your penguin will be bigger ( you do not need to be a member)

How do you get a secret stone igloo on club penguin?

Heya guys, If you click on the Igloo Upgrade Catalogue and click on the crow bar on the Top right corner the smallest Stone Deluxe Igloo will be available but if you want a bigger Stone Deluxe Igloo click on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo. Fizzysweete

Where is Aunt Arctic's igloo?

Aunt Arctic's igloo is hidden as a regular igloo of a penguin.

Why can't you get free stuff for your igloo without being a member on club penguin?

Cos' club penguin is stupid now! And you have to pay! Meh!

What is the oldest igloo in club penguin besides the always avalible igloos including The split level igloo and the basic igloo?

The candy igloo and the gingerbread house are the oldest igloos on club penguin

How do you find something to light a fire in club penguin?

You cant set a fire in club penguin. What people do to make a fire in their igloo is put some fire items around the igloo without the lower part showing.

How do you know what igloo your friends in on club penguin?

you cant but their usally in there igloo

Where can you find igloo catalog on club penguin?

In your igloo, click the edit your igloo button, and their is a catalog for your igloo at the bottom right

Is Club Penguin a chat room?

Club penguin is a website where you can make online friends,play games, get clothing (if you are paying for it or use a coin unlock), and you get your own igloo. You can chat with people on there also.