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You really do need an account because the games are linked to it. Just go ahead and register one, purchase and download your games from there.

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Q: How can i download psn games without an account?
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Where can you download psp games without registeration?

You need a PSN account before you can download games from the PSN.

How can you download Japanese games to psp?

To access the Japanese PSN, you need to register an account on PC, on the Japanese PSN site, and connect to the PSN on the PSP with that account.

How do you remove psn account from vita without deleting games or formatting?

Games are linked to the PSN account so that's not possible.

Where to go to download psvita games without psn or PC?

You can't run unsigned code on a PSVita, that means you need to download games from the PSN.

What does a Playstation network account do for you?

Having a PSN account lets you access PSN services on various Sony consoles. You can use it to purchase and download games, rent movies or play demos.

What happens if you download psp games without cfw?

You don't need anything but the latest official firmware, to be able to download games from the PSN.

Can you download full games from the playstation store to your hard drive?

Yes you can on a PS3 with internet connection and a PSN account to purchase the games

How do you download PSP games with Hacking?

You don't need anything other than an internet connection and a PSN account.

Do you need a mod chip to download games for a Playstation portable?

Not at all, PSPs can connect to the PSN to download games without needing to modify the PSP.

How do you download ratchet and clank?

you can download ratchet and clank from psn. you wil need a can download ratchet and clank on your ps3 through your psn account

Download psp game without custom firmware?

You just need to upgrade your firmware, then you can access the PSN to purchase and download games.

What games can you download with a hacked PSP?

Without the latest official firmware, you can't access the PSN at all.