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there is a mod

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Q: How can be shaak ti in battlefront 2?
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Who would win in a lightsaber deul Shaak Ti Asajj Ventress?

Shaak Ti because Shaak Ti is one of the strongest members in the jedi council so Shaak Ti would have the power to kill Asajj.

Who trained shaak ti?

Shaak Ti's master has never been named yet

Is ahsoka and shaak ti the same species?

Yes Ahsoka and Shaak ti are the same species that hale from the plannet Shili which make both Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Togruta ( the species name )

How old was shaak ti when she died?

On Wookieepedia, they only gave the date of Shaak Ti's death (3 BBY). But they did not say Shaak Ti's age. I think she might be in her mid 40's or early 50s

Who is Shaak Ti's padawan?

Maris Brood was revealed to be Shaak Ti's Padawan during the time frame of "The Force Unleashed." But before Order 66, Shaak Ti trained 2 Padawans. One of them was identified as Fe Sun. But sadly, both of those Padawans were killed shortly after becoming Jedi Knights.

What pack is LEGO shaak ti in?

Lego Shaak Ti is in the LEGO 7931 Star Wars T-6 Jedi Shuttle set.

How do you pronounce shaak ti?

Shaak Ti is pronounced "Shack Tea." Or some people pronounce it "Shock Tea." Either way is correct.

Who plays shaak ti?

Orli Shoshan

Where is the character Shaak Ti known from?

Shaak Ti is a character known from anything that has to do with Star Wars. This character is portrayed by many different actresses in the different forms.

Is there a novel with shaak ti in it?

Yes. "Labyrinth of Evil" and the "Revenge of the Sith" novel have Shaak Ti in it. She also appears in the novel based on "The Force Unleashed" video game

What species Is Shaak Ti?

She is a Togruta, same as Ahsoka Tano.

What first episode is shaak ti in on star wars the clone wars?

So far, the only episodes Shaak Ti has appeared in are the first 2 episodes of Season 3 called "Clone Cadets" and "ARC Troopers." Whether or not she'll appear again is unknown