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Shaak Ti because Shaak Ti is one of the strongest members in the jedi council so Shaak Ti would have the power to kill Asajj.

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Q: Who would win in a lightsaber deul Shaak Ti Asajj Ventress?
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Which hand does Darth Vader hold his lightsaber?

In all Star Wars lightsaber battles, the wielder would hold the lightsaber in his dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed, then you would hold the lightsaber in your right hand

Did count dooku used to be a Jedi?

Anakin killed Count Dooku with 2 Lightsabers like an x then he pulled them apart leading to the decapitation of count's head

What was Luke Skywalkers color code?

Because he felt like it! divy. Luke made a new saber after he lost his on Bespin. His old one was actually Anakin's. He made a new saber with a new crystal (lightsabers' color is determined by their crystal.) Most crystals at that time were either blue or green so he didn't have much of a choice. And yes, it was his personal preference, though lightsaber colors had symbolism in the Old Jedi Order. And Lucas wanted to have some different saber colors would be my guess. ;)

How much does a lightsaber cost?

Depending on where you get them and what variety you get, replica lightsabers can cost you anywhere from $25-$300+. Note: The $300 lightsabers are real metal lightsaber hilts with a glass tube that gets very bright. They are for super-fans only, and most generic toy stores (Wal-Mart, Toys "R" Us, etc) won't carry them. If you're really determined to get one, I would recommend hitting up a comic book store.

Can a light saber be made?

you can make count dooku and yoda and mace windu and maris brood. p.s. the tonfa handle/maris broods lightsaber dosent work because you cant activate the light saber, unless you put the handle on backwards. trust me, i do it all the time

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Would asajj ventress beet ashoka?

as much as i want the jedi to win ventress would win in a duel

Would asajj ventress beet a magna guard?

ventress would win if she get to to power core of the magna guard

Would asajj ventress beet c-3po?

Yes, since she is a Dark Jedi and C-3PO is just a droid

Is Ahsoka Tano Shaak-ti why or why not?

NO. First of all Shaak Ti was a Jedi knight before Ahsoka even started her training. Second of all Jedi can't change their names or the color of their lightsaber and Shaak Ti has a blue lightsaber. Yeah, but what makes them look a like is that they are the exact same species, which is Togruta. But Shaak Ti looks a lot like Ahsoka, so I wouldn't blame this guy who asked. Sorry, but a Jedi's lightsaber color is dependent on the crystal used, not who built it (Jedi aren't magical, their Lightsaber's don't choose them like wands in Harry Potter), so there is nothing that says a Jedi couldn't change the color of their lightsaber. When Anakin became Vader his Lightsaber didn't magically become red. And as for "Jedi can't change their names," Obi-wan changed his name when he went into hiding (although not a huge change) to Ben Kenobi. However, Shaak Ti was a Master and Member of the Council by the time of Episode 3. But I understand why this question would be asked.

Who would probaly win in a lightsaber duel Kit Fisto or Shaak Ti?

Prabaly Kit Fisto because he's on the Jedi Council and Mace Windu chose him to help arrest Papatine.

Can a lightsaber kill Superman?

no a lightsaber would not kill superman

Which emblem is applicable to Asajj Ventress of Star Wars?

Well SW:TOR takes place thousands of years before even the Star Wars movie Episode One and Asajj Ventress's character starts to show up in books & TV Shows after Episode One. I believe you really start to see her after Episode Two Attack of the Clones aka the Clone Wars. But if she where around during the time of SW:TOR then she would have been allied with the Sith Empire, but since she starts showing up around the Clone Wars time she would be allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, also known as the Confederacy, the Separatist Confederacy, the New Order, the pro-secessionists, colloquially as Separatists, Seps, Sepies, and the Separatist Alliance, was the government and separatist.

Which hand does Darth Vader hold his lightsaber?

In all Star Wars lightsaber battles, the wielder would hold the lightsaber in his dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed, then you would hold the lightsaber in your right hand

What would happen if you used every type of lightsaber crystal in a lightsaber?

You can't do that because there is room for only one lightsaber crystal.

How do you beat General Grevious?


Who has the red lightsavir in Star Wars?

The red lightsaber appears as a weapon of the evil Sith in all the Star Wars movies, but it is important to note that not only the Sith use such a color. Lucas merely thought it would be more clear to align evil with one color, and he chose red. Heres a list of guys: - Darth Vader - Emperor Palpatine - Darth Maul - Count Dooku - Darth Malak - Darth Reven - Darth Bandon - Darth Revin - Darth Bane - Darth Zannah - Darth Sion - Darth Cadious - Mara jade - Asajj Ventress - Sith emperor (great galactic war) - Galan Merak - Darth Kreia - Darth Malgus - Savage Oppress - Exer Kun Also, it's spelled 'Lightsaber' Your Welcome

Can a lightsaber cut through Superman?

Sure why not Superman would be able to handle the heat of the lightsaber!