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Q: How can a level 96 in runescape beat the tzhaar fight caves with 78 att 80 str 78 hp 76 def 62 range ATM 64 mage full guthans a whip and 5m to get supplies?
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In runescape how many waves of monsters are there in the tzhaar fight caves?

There is a total of 64 waves.

Where do you mine onyx in RuneScape?

you cannot the only way to get the onyx is to get by spending 2.7million tokkul in the tzhaar caves :)

In runescape what are the odds of a monster in the tzhaar caves dropping onyx?

1000000/1, considering no monsters drop then, you can only buy from shop for 300k tokkul, maybe less with karambja gloves.

Where do dragons hide?

Their scattered all over Runescape. Some are in the wilderness others are in deep caves.

Where is the best place to fish giantfrogspawn in runescape?

Lumbridge Swamp Caves, using a small fishing net.

Where are bats on runescape?

most caves have bat inside them, best cave for bats though is taverly dungeon.

How are caves useful to people?

Caves can provide shelter and protection from the elements for people. They can also serve as storage areas for food and supplies. Some caves also have historical or cultural significance, attracting tourists and researchers.

How do you get a different name for tahaar city in runescape?

Defeating Tztok-Jad at fight caves or becoming champion of Fighting Pits.

In runescape how many rounds do you need to go through to get to the jad?

There are 63 waves in the fight caves, jad appear at the wave 63.

Where on runescape can you find ice caves?

There are ice caves south of Port Sarim. There is a dungeon entrance a little north of Mudskipper's point, and when you enter it, you must follow the tunnel and you will find the ice caves. You will pass muggers, pirates, and hobgoblins and then will enter a cave with ice giants and blurite mining rocks.

Where are ice warriors in runescape?

In the ice caves between Mudskipper Point and Port Sarim. There is a trap door there. It is very easy to get lost in the caves, so remember to bring good food, and also the way you came so you don't have to teleport!

Where do you get air rune crafting gloves in runescape besides the Fist of Guthix?

Bought from Reggie at the Fist of Guthix mini game caves for 75 tokens.