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talk to that old hag on 2 island at the top of it and have your charizard with you and she'll say your Pokemon sucks let me teach it blast burn

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Q: How can Charizard get blast-burn in leaf green?
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What level does your Charizard have to be to get blastburn?

Charizard can only learn Blast Burn from Move Tutors.

Where do you catch Charizard on emerald?

You trade a Charizard of Pokemon leaf green version or firered version

Can you get Charizard on Pokemon platinum?

You migrate it from Fire red or Leaf green

What card pack do you get Charizard ex?

fire red leaf green

How do you get Charizard in pokemon saphire?

You can trade it from Leaf Green or Fire Red.

Can you get a Charizard in Pokemon diamond without migrating?

No, charizard only appears as a starter in the fire red and leaf green games

When can Infernape can learn blastburn?

It can't learn it, only charizard can on either leafgreen or firered on island 1.

Is there a flying and fire type in emerald?

charizard, but you have to trade it from fire red or leaf green

What are some good flying Pokemon in leaf green?

MoltresZapdosArticunoPidgeotHo-oh (special event)charizard

Where do you get Charizard to learn seismic toss on heartgold?

You can't only on pokemon green leaf and red rose

How do you get Charizard to learn blastburn in Pokemon fire red?

In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, an elderly woman on Cape Brink will teach Charizard Blast Burn, the Pokémon must have a very high happiness rating.

In leaf green where exactly is the most likely place to find shiny CharizardHow do you get him?

Charizard cannot be caught in the wild.