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Ho-oh (special event)

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Q: What are some good flying Pokemon in leaf green?
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What is good flying Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

There are a lot of flying type Pokemon you can catch in leafgreen here are some good flying type Pokemon you should train remember you don't have to train these: Pidgeot, Fearow, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Gyrados, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Farefetch'd.

Where do you get pollywhirl in pokemon leaf green?

You can get Pollywhirl in Pokemon Leaf Green in Virdian City.

What is the Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon leaf green?

it is go use the bathroom good luck.

What are some good gba games?

(this is my opinion) Pokemon emerald, Pokemon leaf green, Pokemon ruby, and Pokemon sapphire.

What Pokemon can you get in FireRed that you cant get in leaf green?

The Pokemon you can get in fire red and not leaf green are Electabuzz and Scyther.

How do you get Caterpie in Pokemon Sapphire?

go to the route with the aqua tower on your way to the flying gym

How do you get mamoswine in leaf green?

you can't get mamoswine in Pokemon leaf green because it doesn't exist in leaf green

Is there a Pokemon that can take me to a noter world?

yes in Pokemon darkness and time lapras in Pokemon pearl,diamond,emerald,ruby,fire red,leaf green and others flying type Pokemon but not in Pokemon rangers

What Pokemon can you catch with a good rod?

krabby,goldeen(in fustra something city) Pokemon leaf green :) and I forget. :(

Where do you take the old amber in Pokemon leaf green?

the fossil guy in the southern sea in the lab. the fossil turs in to a rock and flying type.

What is the best fire type in pokemon leaf green?

There can never be a defined 'best fire type'. I like Charizard as he is also a flying type.

How do you get to pal park in green leaf?

there is no Pokemon green leaf and Pokemon leaf green you can't only diamond pearl platinum heartgold soulsilver and maybe black and white