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Hi, I have the Nintendo ds game 'Imagine Babies' and to feed the baby that you are caring for you have to: click on the door in your house which leads to the kitchen. Once you are in the kitchen you have to click on the fridge. It will tell you what to do ...... I think.

How you actually put the food into the Babie's mouth is this: You make the spoon above the babie's head go through the trail also above the babie's head. But don't go over the lines or you will have to start again. After you have made it go through take the spoon out of the jar and place it inside the babie's mouth.

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Go into the kitchen and tap on the fridge and inside there should be some baby food and just tap on it. That is only if you are playing imagine babyz DS.

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Q: How Do you feed the baby on imagine babyz?
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You go upstairs and go to the second door. You click on it then you'll see a bed. You click on the bed. Then, you slide the ball left and right until the baby is asleep.

How do you make the baby to eat on imagine babyz?

1. Go to the Kitchen 2. Click on the fridge on the left side 3. Click the jar of food 4. You will have to blow into the mic to cool down the food and when the steam disappears feed that spoon of food to the baby 5. When he gets bored a maze will pop up. Click on the spoon in the maze and guide it to the mouth 6. Continue with blowing into the mic and feeding the baby 7. this will repeat 2 or 3 times

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No not a glitch just a problem ignore it and give the baby some thing else and it will get agitated. Yes and if you want either put the baby to sleep or just wait until the mom comes for her. This is the most annoying playdate there is but it will pass.

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