Harvest moon cute max affection

Updated: 4/28/2022
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» 60,000 to 65,535 = Red Heart

65,535 LP is the max Affection.

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Q: Harvest moon cute max affection
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Harvest moon ds max affection code for ceclia?

The max affection is 65535. The max friendship points is 255.belive me that is how Celia is with me!

Is there a Action Replay code to get Kai to have max affection for you on Harvest Moon DS Cute Please I really like him and want to marry him?

The action replay codes for Kai are as follows: Kai Affection/Friend223BF434 000000FF123BF438 0000FFFF. There are no max affection codes for the game, but you can use these to speed up the affection.

What is the action replay code in harvest Moon DS cute for your child to have max affection?

Just show them the dog 255ish times Its a really simple way of maxing everyones friend points

If you have an Action Replay card with a code for max affection for all villagers how do you get married on Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

usally in harvest moon games you need a blue feather to get married

Is there and action replay code for Harvest Moon DS to make Witch Princess' heart red?

you could only get it if you get the "max affection" cheat code

Is there any cheat code for getting money in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

yes if you have action replay here's the code: Max money 023B9B88 3B9AC9FF.

Is there an action replay code for Will's max affection such as a red heart in Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

No there isn't one just for Will, but there is this code to get max friendship with all villagers. 94000130 FFFB0000 C0000000 00000080 120E48C2 0000FFFF DC000000 0000000C D2000000 00000000

What does the love bangle do on harvest moon ds?

Equip it. Then, talk to a villager. It will tell you their friendship points towards you where the pedometer step count usually is. If you are speaking to an eligible marriage candidate, it will show there love points (affection points) too. There is a max of 255 FP (friendship points) and 6535 AP (affection Points).

How do you get a x egg in harvest moon fomt?

Have your chicken to the max amount of hearts and have it win the chicken contest.

Harvest moon ds all items max affection cheats please?

Celia:Cake,yarn,perfume,diamond,pink diamond and curry bread, also:all the curries,doria,Grautin and Elli Leaves Anne:Cheese fondue,Diamond, Pink Diamond, Chocolate and Rice Cake

Is there an action replay for Harvest Moon DS to make Leia's heart forever red?

No. Sorry. I've been trying to get this code forever. But if you have harvest moon ds CUTE, you can have leia as a best friend instead of having a husband. Here are the codes: Leia's FP/AP Max 223BF59C 000000FF 123BF5A0 0000FFFF Trent Affection/Friend 223BF4AC 000000FF 123BF4B0 0000FFFF Gray Affection/Friend 223BF4D4 000000FF 123BF4D8 0000FFFF Cliff Affection/Friend 223BF45C 000000FF 123BF460 0000FFFF Rick Affection/Friend 223BF484 000000FF 123BF488 0000FFFF Kai Affection/Friend 223BF434 000000FF 123BF438 0000FFFF Flora's FP Max 223BF024 000000FF Galen's FP Max 223BF114 000000FF Cody's FP Max 223BF18C 000000FF Patrick's FP Max 223BF254 000000FF Kassey's FP Max 223BF22C 000000FF Murrey's FP Max 223BF27C 000000FF Ruby's FP Max 223BF09C 000000FF Dr. Hardy's FP Max 223BF0EC 000000FF Nina's FP Max 223BF13C 000000FF Daryl's FP Max 223BF164 000000FF Vesta's FP Max 223BF04C 000000FF Nami's FP Max 223BEE94 000000FF Takakura's FP Max 223BF2A4 000000FF Celia's FP Max 223BEE44 000000FF Wally's FP Max 223BEF34 000000FF Chris' FP Max 223BEF5C 000000FF Hugh's FP Max 223BEFD4 000000FF Grant's FP Max 223BEF84 000000FF Van's FP Max 223BF204 000000FF Romana's FP Max 223BEEBC 000000FF Sebastian's FP Max 223BEEE4 000000FF Witch Princess' FP/AP Max 223BF5EC 000000FF 123BF5F0 0000FFFF Harvest Goddess' FP/AP Max 223BF4FC 000000FF 123BF500 0000FFFF Keira's FP/AP Max 223BF5C4 000000FF 123BF5C8 0000FFFF Muffy's FP Max 223BEE6C 000000FF Lumina's FP Max 223BEF0C 000000FF Kate's FP Max 223BEFAC 000000FF Carter's FP/AP Max 223BEFFC 000000FF 123BF000 0000FFFF Marlin's FP/AP Max 223BF074 000000FF 123BF078 0000FFFF Rock's FP/AP Max 223BF0C4 000000FF 123BF0C8 0000FFFF Gustafa's FP/AP Max 223BF1B4 000000FF 123BF1B8 0000FFFF Griffin's FP/AP Max 223BF1DC 000000FF 123BF1E0 0000FFFF Skye's FP/AP Max 223BF614 000000FF 123BF618 0000FFFF Sorry its so long hope this helps!!! :)

I saved harvest godess and buy big bed and kitchen and got Lumina affection to max i used the blue feather but she don't still marry me why?

Have you witnessed ALL the heart events yet?