Games like Pokemon crator

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Best Answer its the same thing as Pokemon crater

Digimon, Jade Cocoon, Monster Galaxy

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Q: Games like Pokemon crator
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Can Pokemon Blue trade with Pokemon Sapphire?

NO, unfortunately Pokemon blue, red and yellow are all first generation Pokemon games and Pokemon sapphire is third generation. You can trade Pokemon from blue to games like gold and silver, but not games like firered and sapphire.

Free online Pokemon games like Pokemon-crater?

Try Pokemon indigo

What are games like pokemon called?

If you mean, "Related" to pokemon then there would be.. Digimon. But... trust me you would like pokemon better.

Which Pokemon game is your favorite and why?

A lot of people around the world like different Pokemon games. I would guess that most people like the newer Pokemon games, like Pokemon Platinum, etc. This question can't actually be answered.

What are games like Pokemon omega?


Is their a Pokemon center in firered?

yes like in all other Pokemon games there is a Pokemon center

Can you get a dark Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

no. that's only in online games like Pokemon crater

What are some Pokemon games like Pokemon Vortex?

deluge rpg pokemon toxic e.t.c

What are the top ten ds games?

games like Pokemon and Mario

What are the games like Pokemon omega dont say Pokemon indigo or Pokemon volcano?

pokemon indigo and pokemon volcano

How many Pokemon can you hold in black?

6 like all the Pokemon games!

Are there any Pokemon games on Facebook?

Miscrits world of adventure is like Pokemon