Free rider 2 best map code?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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-18 1i -19 -r 1a -s,-18 1h -m 1o -3 21 h 2c 14 2m 1n 30 2f 3i,b7 171 bg 185 bf 16f bv 18c,b6 170 b4 17c,3g 6is 2h 8nn,dt 8r9 f2 8qi fu 8pm gp 8on hr 8ni ip 8mh jq 8lc ks 8k5,35l c0i 36j c17 37m c1s 38l c2d 39m c2u 3ar c3g,2h 8no 2m 8ob 31 8ot 3k 8pa 49 8pn 52 8pv 5u 8q8 6p 8qg 7i 8qn 8e 8qt 9b 8r3 a8 8r7 b4 8rb bt 8re cm 8rc dc 8r7 e1 8r2 ej 8qr,2i 8kn 2p 8lc 33 8m2 3h 8mq 44 8ne 4o 8o0 5f 8oh 67 8p2 6u 8pg 7l 8pv 8a 8qa 8v 8qk 9h 8qt a2 8r3,2n3 9at 34b 9m8,26c 7q7 2b6 812,aa0 7gc aa2 7g0 aai 7gg,bd1 f4p biu euq,bd2 f4m bcb f4h,ba2 ffs bal fgv,26b 7q5 1vb 7ha,6ki b7h 6ko b7t,6ki b7h 6l7 b7s,9nr gt7 9nf hga,99h hps 99e i2k,99d i2h 99j i33 9a0 i3m 9ak i4f 9b8 i5e 9c2 i6g 9d4 i7n 9e4 i8n 9fc i9l 9go iai 9i7 ib9 9jk ibm 9ks ibp 9ma ibj 9ns ib3 9p6 iae 9qf i9h 9ro i8c 9sv i74 9u7 i5p 9vd i4a a0l i2r,8ar lg0 8b3 lgv 8bc li3 8c0 lja 8cu lkl 8dv llm 8f6 lmm 8gh lng 8ht lns 8jd lnt 8km lnj 8lo ln5 8mt lmf 8o4 llp 8pf lkt 8qj lk3 8rq lj7 8t3 lib 8ue lhf 8vq lgi,aus ies bbl ikl,8c9 l3s 8cc l4l 8ci l5r 8cr l76 8d3 l8i 8db la5 8dp lbg 8ea lct 8eu lec 8fn lfn 8gi lgm 8hf lhh 8if li7 8jb lim 8kb lj0 8l8 lj5 8m4 lj7 8n4 lj6,8qj lin 8re li5 8s7 lhp 8t1 lhd,88d kvk 896 kvu 8a0 l0b 8an l0u 8b8 l1n 8bm l2j 8c2 l3f,8c0 l3c 8ca l44,180 eeq 18a eds 18k ee6,m6 cdq qi ckc 148 cr8 1nu d32 3eu d2o,1sa cto 1sa cvu,1sa cto 1t8 cto,1sa cum 1ts cv0,1ug cva 1ug cvu,1ug cu2 1ug cuc,202 cu2 20c d08,202 cu2 21a d08 21a cte,3c4 d2o 3c4 d1q,6lo mf2 6v4 mf2,8p1 lj9 8of ljc,8ok ljn 8p0 ljd,8n2 lj8 8qq lik,bbe iki bve ik8 fg8 lia fh4 lj3 fi2 ljo fj0 lka fk3 lks fld lla fms llj fob lln fpm llm fr3 ll4 fs7 lk7 ftb lj8 fui li7 fvr lh4 g16 lg1 g2i let g3v ldp g5e lcl g6t lbg g8d lab,fqi ld0 fse lei fso ld0 frq lda fs4 lc2 fqi ld0,fso lcc ftm lda,fua lbo ft2 les,fvs la6 g06 lcm g1e laq g0g la6 g1o l80 fvi l8a fvs lag,g22 l9i g22 laq,g30 l9s g14 lcc#3k 4cj 43 4b4 4g 4cj 50 4b6 0000002,4v 4b4 58 4ce 0000002,5e 4cf 5s 4b2 64 4ci 0000002,60 4bu 5l 4br 0000002,6e 4b4 6c 4cg 72 4bp 6e 4b5 0000002,77 4b1 75 4cf 7p 4cd 0000002,76 4bn 7q 4br 0000002,77 4b3 7l 4b2 0000002,3d 4cu 3d 4eb 46 4dp 3m 4dk 45 4d7 3c 4cv 0000002,48 4dm 4q 4e3 0000002,5e 4dc 44 4f2 0000002,6c 4d5 6c 4e6 70 4e5 0000002,7d 4d4 7e 4dl 7i 4dr 7n 4dv 80 4du 87 4dl 0000002,87 4di 87 4d4 0000002,86 4d4 8c 4e3 0000002,99 4d4 8n 4da 8l 4dk 8p 4dv 8v 4e2 9e 4e0 0000002,9h 4e4 a1 4d2 0000002,a1 4d1 a7 4e1 0000002,a5 4di 9n 4do 0000002,b3 4cs ag 4d9 av 4dn 0000002,b1 4dm ab 4e6 0000002,32 4eq 33 4gn 0000002,33 4fr 3l 4f7 0000002,36 4fp 3v 4gh 0000002,46 4gg 4j 4f2 4r 4gf 0000002,4o 4fq 4d 4ft 0000002,53 4fa 55 4g7 5b 4gc 5l 4ga 5u 4fc 5t 4gd 0000002,6c 4f1 6c 4gn 0000002,6c 4ev 6s 4ev 0000002,6c 4fm 6u 4fi 0000002,74 4gk 77 4er 7f 4gh 7m 4ev 7u 4gc 0000002,88 4g8 8j 4et 8v 4gc 0000002,8p 4fm 8d 4fo 0000002,99 4eq 9a 4g6 0000002,98 4eo 9q 4g5 9u 4en 0000002,cbv ifl cc0 iip 0000002,cbs ifm cch ifm 0000002,cbu igm cch igk 0000002,cdk ifc cdi iig 0000002,ce6 ii5 cd6 iik 0000002,cd6 ife ce4 ife 0000002,cf4 ifd cf7 ii7 0000002,cf3 ife cga ii9 cgd if0 0000002,8g6 li0 8f8 lhm 8eu liu 8fs lj8 8g6 lik 8fi lia 000000.05,8h4 liu 8gq liu 8gq lji 8he lj8 8h4 liu 000000.05,8ic lji 8ho lj8 8i2 lk6 8ic lji 000000.05,8j0 lj8 8im lkg 8jk ljs 8j0 lj8 000000.05,8h4 ll4 8h4 lmm 8g6 lm2 000000.05,8gg ll4 8ho ll4 000000.05,8i2 llo 8ho lmc 8ic lmm 8im lm2 8i2 llo 000000.05,8ja ll4 8ja lmm 8ju lm2 8ja llo 8ju lle 8ja ll4 000000.05,18 4u4 92 4u4 8e 4s8 7q 4u4 76 4s8 6i 4u4 5u 4s8 5k 4u4 4m 4s8 4c 4ue 000000.0001,4c 4u4 3o 4si 2q 4u4 26 4si 18 4u4 000000.0001,8nc lhc 8lg lhm 8lq lhc 0000002,8lg lhm 8lq li0 0000002,8me lhm 8me li0 ff00001,8me lhm 8mo li0 ff00001,8me lhm 8mo lia ff00001,8me lhm 8mo liu ff00001,8me lhm 8n2 lhm ff00001,8m4 lhm 8lq li0 ff00001,8m4 lhm 8m4 li0 ff00001,8m4 lhm 8mo lhc ff00001,8me lhc 8mo lhm ff00001#B g2c ldu 5ld,B g22 le8 6co,B fv8 lgo 71r,G -1i q4s rj4,G 8a1 knn 1fen,B 9p9 i99 1kot,B 9na iai 1lfq,B ba1 e8b 1t64,B bag e88 1t5p,B bc7 e87 1tg7,B bbt e8c 1t5t,B bbg e89 1tgl,B bav e85 1t5h,G 886 56b 1tb4,G 27e 7ui 1t78,S 5m 3sk,G 3b 83u 1tb4,B ha 8ni 1t76,B gv 8nu 1t6v,B gn 8oa 1t6b,B ge 8oh 1t6m,B g4 8os 1t6i,B ft 8p5 1t6p,B fl 8pb 1t6r,B fd 8pd 1t6u,B ev 8ps 1t6l,B ej 8q8 1t6v,G 4b 6m2 1tdu,G 54 6ku 1tdu,C a92 7ad,G 1vs 7lk 1qo0,G 4v1 3ak 1oos,G 81d gu0 1n7d,G 9m7 h0d 1mlj,B 9of i9q 1l41,B 9q4 i8s 1kdc,G 8a9 kv3 1ets,G -1i sfs r7t,B ftm lhm 7e0,B g0q lfg 6ns,B g3a lda 60l

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Q: Free rider 2 best map code?
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