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Some 4 letter words with 'au' in the middle:

  • Faux
  • Haul
  • Maul
  • Taut

See the related link for a full list.

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Q: Four letter word with au in the middle?
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What is a French word for an oven baking dish?

familiarly "un plat au four" or "un plat qui va au four"

How many syllables are there in the word automobiles?

The word automobiles has four syllables. The syllables are au-to-mo-BILES. The stress is on the last syllable.

How many syllables in authority?

There are four syllables in the word "authority" (au-thor-i-ty).

How do you divide the word author into syllables?

The word "author" is divided into two syllables as: au-thor.

What is a 4 letter word with au in it?

It could be aunt, taut.

What 6 letter word has au as the 2 and 3 letter and ts at the end?


How do you spell the letter o in word form?

au as in orangeo as in bone

How many syllables does authorization have?

The word authorization has five syllables. (au-thor-i-za-tion)

How many syllables are in the word authorities?

Authorities has four syllables: au-tho-ri-ties

How many syllables are in the word auditory?

There are four syllables in "auditory." (Au-di-tor-y)

What is the scientific symbol for gold?

The scientific symbol for gold is Au, which comes from the Latin word "aurum."

How many phonemes in the word brought?

The word "brought" has four phonemes: /b/, /r/, /ɔː/, and /t/.