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The word is nude.

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Q: Four letter word meaning in the buff ending with d e?
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What are four letter words starting with b and ending with f?

Baff Beef Barf Biff Buff Bumf

Word ending with letter F?

Fluff, stuff, buff

Four letter word ending in f?

beef buff calf cuff golf goofl hoof leaf miff muff poof reef roof

What is a four letter synonym for yellow?

buff, sand, gold

Four letter word for tan or beige?

ecru or buff

What is a four letter word for addict?

Addi buff

What is a four letter word meaning brain?

BRAIN(verb - to hit in the head) - bash, boff, bean(noun - body part) - head, bean, dome(noun - cognitive sense) - mind(noun - smart guy) - buff, whiz

What has the author Buff at Kinsale written?

Buff at Kinsale. has written: 'A narrative of the dispute in the corporation of Kinsale. In a letter from a buff at Kinsale, to his friend in Dublin'

What four letter words that end with F?

four (4) letter words that end with F: beef. buff. calf. clef. chef. deef. fief. golf. goof. gulf. half. hoof. leaf. self. serf. reef. waif. wolf. woof. zarf.

What is a name of a color that starts with B and has four letters and is not blue?

Buff =D

What is the Meaning for slang word 'brolic'?

like buff or ripped , somewhat musclar

What is a 4 letter word for enthusiast?

Agog, avid, keen