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Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Pokemon Crystal, the HM Fly can only be obtained after defeating the gym leader in Cianwood City. After winning the badge, speak to the woman standing out side of the gym. She will give the player Fly.

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Q: Fly Pokemon Crystal
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How do you get fly in Pokemon liquid crystal?

liquid crystal isn't actually a real Pokemon game

Where can you find fly ho in Pokemon Crystal shards?

Assuming you mean the hm fly on Pokemon crystal, you get it from the lady out side of Cindawood gym.

How do you get HM Fly in Liquid Crystal Pokemon?

In Pokemon Liquid Crystal, HM Fly is given to you by an Aide in the Goldenrod City Department Store after you have received the Glacier Badge. You can then teach the HM Fly to one of your Pokemon to fly to different locations in the game.

How do you get to mtmoon in Pokemon Crystal?

Go fly

Where do you use fly in Pokemon Crystal?

You can use fly anytime you are outside.

How do you get to palletown in Pokemon Crystal version?

You Use fly and just fly there

Is there 7 HMS in Pokemon Crystal?

yes. there is 7 in Pokemon crystal e.g: Strength, Flash, Fly, Surf, Whirlpool, Cut and Waterfall.

Where do you find HM Fly in Pokemon crystal?

Outside Cianwood City Gym.

Where do you find hm fly in Pokemon crystal version?

Chuck's Wife (in front of the gym) Will give you Fly after you beat Chuck

How do you get fly Pokemon Crystal?

Press L+R and make you blow ur guts out!!

Where do you find fly in Pokemon Crystal?

Talk to the woman outside the Cianwood City Gym.

How do you get HM8 in Pokemon Crystal?

Pokemon Crystal only contained seven HMs. The 8th HM Rock smash isn't available until later generation games. The HM one can get in Pokemon Crystal are cut, fly, whirlpool, waterfall, strength, flash, and surf.