Fish recipes for harvest moon DS?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Fish Recipes:

Frying Pan:

Grilled Fish- Medium Fish

Cooking Pot:

Fish Stew - Medium Fish OR Large Fish


Fish Sticks - Medium Fish OR Large Fish

No Utensils:

Sashimi - Medium Fish OR Large Fish

Sushi - Sashimi + Riceballs

Chirashi Sushi - Sashimi + Scrambled Eggs + Riceballs + (Carrot OR Cucumber OR Pumpkin).

Hope this helped :)

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Q: Fish recipes for harvest moon DS?
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Galen is a character in more than one Harvest Moon game. If you are playing Harvest Moon DS or Harvest Moon DS Cute: He loves Noodle Dishes, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil He likes most Crops and Herbs If you are playing any of the Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life games: He likes Fish, Fish Dishes, and Herbs

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Small fish.

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No. Harvest Moon DS is for the DS only. There are other Harvest Moon games for the Wii.

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Cherry or Pumpkin Pie, depending on what the cow prefers better.

On Harvest Moon DS can you be a girl?

no, but you can be a girl farmer in harvest moon ds cute. the two games have different stories and harvest moon ds was the inspiration for harvest moon ds cute as more girls were found to be playing the game than boys at the time of the beginning of the launch of harvest moon ds cute.

How do you catch large fish in harvest moon ds?

there is no way sorry folks

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Early in the morning.

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harvest moon DS cute, harvest moon island of happiness, harvest moon DS.

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