Find wul'yahm in wizard 101

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Go to the Oasis in Krokotopia. To get there your going to need Wizard101 Membership. In Raven-wood go to the Giant tree and you should be able to go inside it once you have completed the First Wizard101 World. In side the Tree there should be a World Door which you can Teleport to Krokotopia With. It may take 30 minutes depending on your computer for Krokotopia to download So you can acess it. (Thats only the first time it happens with every world you go to) Once you Teleport to Krokotopia Go through the Large door and explore the Oasis intill you find Wul'yahm. :P

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Q: Find wul'yahm in wizard 101
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Can you find cattail in Wizard 101?

in water

How do you find krokotopia in wizard 101?

you must get a quest ( i think ) do get to Krokotopia in wizard 101. You must go to Bartlbey in Ravenwood.

Where do you find a simple vial in wizard 101?

You can find a simple vial in the Wizard City Bazaar, the Wizard City library, shops around the Spiral, or as drops from defeating certain creatures.

What is the next project for wizard 101?

The next project for wizard 101 is the oppsite of wizard 101.So its the bad side of wizard 101.

Where is wizard city on wizard 101?

Wizard city is the first world you ever get to. when you begin the game, that is the world you find yourself on.

Who created pirate 101 and wizard 101?

Kingsile created pirate 101 and wizard 101

What school can you find your destiny fastly in wizard 101?


How can you find more information about wizard toys?

One can find more information about wizard toys by visiting the sites that sell wizard toys such as the following; BBC, Yelp's The Wizard's Chest, and Wizard 101.

When was wizard 101 created?

wizard 101 was created in 2007

What is the opposite school in wizard 101 for myth?

The opposite school in Wizard 101 for myth is storm. Find a mythical creature then do a storm spell, watch the damage increase.

I can't find any elementals in wizard 101 where do I find them?

I don't know either

Where do you find the harvest lord on wizard 101?

You can find the HARVEST LORD in Triton avenue