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by defeating bosses and the holiday shopkeepers

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Q: Where can you find a staff in wizard 101?
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How do you get Staff of Runes in Wizard 101?

be a fire wizard, finish collosus boulavard, you get a staff as a reward.

On wizard 101 where is the best place to get a staff?

the beast place to get a staff is the wizard city bazzaer

Where do you get a staff in Wizard 101?

To get a staff in wizard101 you have to go to other world or sometimes they are selling in the wizard city bazaar

What is the redeem codes for a storm staff in Wizard 101?


On wizard 101 what is the code for the staff?

sp364g (does not work)

What is the wizard 101 amaranthine staff code?


What is the wizard 101 code for a staff?

there is one but once the person uses it it's invalid

Can you find cattail in Wizard 101?

in water

How do you find krokotopia in wizard 101?

you must get a quest ( i think ) do get to Krokotopia in wizard 101. You must go to Bartlbey in Ravenwood.

Where do you find a simple vial in wizard 101?

You can find a simple vial in the Wizard City Bazaar, the Wizard City library, shops around the Spiral, or as drops from defeating certain creatures.

What to do after the first wizard 101 duel?

wait till it finishes loading and talk to the man with the beard and staff

Code to get a staff in wizard 101?

52975-57123-37817-56438 its already taken, but that's the code.