False Swipe in Pokemon ruby

Updated: 4/28/2022
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False Swipe is a Normal type Pokemon move that will always leave at least 1 HP on the Pokemon it is used on. It did not become a TM until the fourth generation of Pokemon games. In Pokemon Ruby, the following Pokemon learn False Swipe naturally: Farfetched, Cubone, Marowak, Scyther, Scizor, Grovyle, Sceptile, Nincada, Ninjask, Shedinja, and Zangoose.

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Q: False Swipe in Pokemon ruby
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Who can learn false swipe in Pokemon diamond?

There are many Pokemon that can learn false swipe: Scyther, Marowak and many more.

How could you teach smeargle false swipe?

To teach Smeargle False Swipe you need to find a Pokemon to fight that knows False Swipe. Make sure Smeargle has at least one copy of the move Sketch. During the battle with the Pokemon that knows False Swipe use Sketch after the opposing Pokemon uses False Swipe. If done correctly your Smeargle's Sketch should permanently turn into a False Swipe.

Which Pokemon can use false swipe in Pokemon HeartGold?

false swipe is learned by the following Pokemon upon levelling:scythernincandazangoosefarfetch'dgalladegrovylecubonehowever, false swipe is also a TM. this makes the move available to other Pokemon as well (kriketune, weavile, parasect, kingler, anorith, etc).

Where do you get false swipe in Pokemon black?

After you've seen 25 Pokemon or more, talk to Professor Juniper and she will give you the TM for false swipe

Which Pokemon has false swip on Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon tha has false swipe in Pokemon diamond is Shedenja

What Pokemon who knows false swipe in Pokemon emerald?


Where do you get false swipe in Pokemon Silver?

they remade that game

Which Pokemon can learn false swipe?

absol and sceptile

What Pokemon learn false swipe?

Marowak and Scyther.

What Pokemon can use false swipe?

scyther at least.

Can you get false swipe in Pokemon sapphire?

False Swipe was not available as a TM until Generation IV. However, Marowak and Sceptile can learn that move.

What Pokémon can learn false swipe in Pokémon black?

grovlye, sceptile, nincada, and zangoose learn it by leveling up. nincada learns it at lvl. 25, and zangoose learns it at lvl. 55. im not sure about Pokemon that can learn it by TM tho... hope this helps! =] marrowack can learn it not sure what level though -------------------------------------------- EDIT: There is no TM for the move False Swipe in the Ruby/Sapphire games, unfortunately, only in Diamond/Pearl. -------------------------------------------- lvl 100 wurmple,zigzagoon, magman, pikachu and electrike