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The actual names and condition of the games could be more valuable than the $20-25 value of the PS2. In some cases PS2 game manuals and cases are more valuable than the game discs

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Q: Fair price of a PS2 with 30 games with two controllers?
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Is a used ps2 100 dollar with 2 games and controllers?

No you can get a new PS2 for that with used games and controllers

What is a fair price for 30 ps2 games?

About $100-150 maybe. Perhaps even less.

What is a fair price for a PS2 with 30 games and an Eye Toy Camera?

between 50 - 80 quid

Can you use a ps1 controller on a PS2 to play PS2 games?

yes, but I found that not on all games some ps2 games require dual shock 2 controllers.

Do PS3 controllers work on ps2?

No, ps3 controllers do not work with a ps2.

Trade Wii and 13 games 2 controllers for Playstation 2and games and controllers?

if you want to trade a wii (that is not broken with 13 games and 2 not broken controllers for a ps2 for no games and 2 controllers your riping ur self off, people with ps2s will swarm over you to trade.

Does a regular playsation controller work for a ps2?

PS1 controllers will work on a PS2. However, PS3 controllers will not work with a PS2.

How much could you sell your two PS2 controllers and one PS2 multi tap for at gamestop?

go to a games stop and ask

How much will eb games give you for a slim ps2 3 controllers and 21 games?

$50 lucky to get even that

How do I get my ps2 game to play for 2 people?

Purchase games for 2 players and have 2 controllers

What is the value of a lava controller for PS2?

Ever since the Ps2 has been outdated the controllers have dropped in price. I'd say about $10-$15 (usd) at most.

How much sell your ps2 with 2 controllers blue one and black 2 games?