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The easiest way is to just buy it at the game corner. That's what I did to get my Dragonite. They end up at level 15 with pretty good stats. Something that might catch your attention is that it know Dragon Rage, which takes down 40 HP no matter what. It costs 2,100 coins in the game corner. Or you could go to the Dragon Den which yields Pokemon at around levels 15-20, but I do not know how to catch a Dratini there.

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The best (and easiest) way to get a decent Dratini is by using the good rod (which you get in Kanto) and fish in the Dragon Den. If you have the good rod, then you automatically get a lvl 40 Dratini. Once you level it up once, you will get Dragonair. Then, at level 55, it will evolve to Dragonite.

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Q: Easy way to get dratini Pokemon soul silver?
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Where can you catch a dratini Pokemon soul silver?

In johto!

How do you get a dratini that knows extreme speed in Pokemon soul silver?


What is the best level to evolve dratini in Pokemon soul silver?

Level 11 or 20 but it evolves on lv. 30 ^_^

Pokemon soul silver what level does dratini evolve?

It evolves at level 30 in dragonair and again at level 55 in to dragonite

What safari zone is dratini in on soul silver?

dratini is in the swamp safari zone ( so iv've heard)

Where can you find the legend of Dratini?

Try the game Soul silver then get to the 8th badge it has stuff about dratini (what a bizzare question)

How do you find Dragonair in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Im sorry but the only way your going to get one is from evolving it from a dratini you can get a dratini by getting it at that game place thing or you can get it by surfing in dragons den (located at blackthorn city)

What are the answers to the dragons den questions in soul silver to get the dratini with extreme-speed?

You just gotta act like Ash (with his "I love Pokemon!" Attitude).

How long does it take for a dratini egg to hatch in soul silver?

10,455 steps

How do you activate easy capture soul silver?

There is no easy capture just luck but for the beginning its easy to catch some pokemon.

How do you go to main menu in Pokemon soul silver?

ITS EASY. just keep pressing A.

Where do you find a dratini on soul silver?

The guy in the dragon shrine will give you one eventually.