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No, it doesn't make them unbreakable. the "Ubreaking" enchantment in minecraft just increases that certain item's durability (How it it can go without breaking)

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Q: Does unbreaking in Minecraft really keep your items from breaking?
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What items on minecraft are equipment items?

Help me I don't know what items are equipment it someone tell me what items are equipment items on Minecraft

How to SWITH items in your intrevory on Minecraft?

You don't have an intrevory in minecraft, but we do have an inventory.

How do you switch items in Minecraft?

You don't.

How can you get items from Minecraft?

By hitting blocks.

How much stuff is in minecraft?

There are 257 items in Minecraft as of 1.4 (excluding mods), including things like pickaxe, lava, water, etc. There is quite a bunch of items in Minecraft!

How do you unhide the aether items in Minecraft?

I assume you mean allowing the items to show up in Too Many Items. I believe there is some kind of config item in the .minecraft folder.

Is there a cheat to get bones on Minecraft?

It really depends on the server. In some Minecraft servers you can use duplication methods to gain unobtainable items (if bones or bonemeal really is an unobtainable item) while others either don't have any or you have to collect them yourself by killing skeletons.

What do you do to use the anvel in minecraft?

to rename items

How do you cheat on Minecraft?

You can't really cheat, but there are some mods (specifically, Single Player Commands and Too Many Items) that let you give yourself items. There are also inventory editors that let you edit your inventory and give yourself items.

What are multiplayer servers that you can go on in minecraft?

There is a awesome one called BrotherCraft (Creative), but you have to buy the blocks and items. I got banned for no reason :( i really liked it.

Where can you download too many items mod for minecraft beta 1.8.1?

You can find it on the Minecraft forums.

How do you place something on Minecraft?

Placing items in Minecraft is usually done with the right mouse button.