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Yes, but you can also buy a charging dock so you dont have to keep using batteries.

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Q: Does the xbox 360 controllers need batteries?
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Which type of batteries do you need for xbox 360 controllers?


Do you need to buy batteries for the ps3 controllers just like the XBOX 360 controllers or no?

No. You plug it in and charge it.

Do xbox 360 controllers have batteries?

The wireless xbox 360 controllers do have batteries, either two double A's or a rechargeable battery pack which is usually sold separately.

Can you use Xbox controlers on Xbox 360?

No you need XBOX 360 controllers.

Can Xbox controllers work on a Xbox 360?

No; xbox controllers are not compatible with the 360

What Xbox 360 controller should I purchase?

There are both wired controllers and wireless controllers. The wireless controllers allow you to be farther away from the Xbox and they also have a dock for recharging your batteries.

Do Xbox controllers work for Xbox 360?

No, original XBOX controllers do not work for the XBOX 360.

Do xbox 360 wireless controllers use AA batteries?

Yes or you can get a charger pack and station.

Do white xbox 360 wireless controllers work with the new xbox 360?

It is 4 controllers on every Xbox 360.

Do Xbox 360 have batteries?

The 360 has to be plugged into the mains via a power pack but the wireless controllers can be powered by 2x AA batteries or a rechargeable battery which can be charged as you play!

Do black Xbox 360 controllers work on Xbox 360 Preimium Console?

Yes, all xbox 360 controllers work on the xbox 360. (no matter what color it is)

Number of controllers on a Xbox 360?

Up to four wireless controllers are supported on the xbox 360

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