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A card you 'control' is something on your side of the field, be it a monster, spell or trap, and it can be something the opponent owns, but you've taken control of by whatever means.

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Q: Does the term control mean controlling monster cards or spells and traps?
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What are the 3 gods cards effect's?

The cannot be affected by spells, traps, or monster's effects. So they are really unstoppable.

What is wing dragon of ra weakness?

The main weakness of the newly released Effect Monster version of The Winged Dragon of Ra is its failure to include an immunity to Spells, Traps, and Monster effects. Unlike, the Effect Monster version of Obelisk the Tormentor, The Winged Dragon of Ra CAN be targeted and is affected by all Spells, Traps, and Monster effects (except when it is Summoned). This means that you could use cards such as Sakuretsu Armor, or Dimensional Prison on it. Note however, that you CANNOT use cards such as Trap Hole or Forced Back on this card.

When was Monster Cards created?

Monster Cards was created in 1981.

Where can you get Moshi Monster cards in Singapore?

you can get moshi monster cards from argos

Do Fight My Monster member cards exist?

No, Fight My Monster member cards do not exist.

When a monster changes control does its Equip cards switch to the other player's spell and trap zones as well in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, control of the Equip cards does not change. They remain in their original controller's S/T zone.

Do Yu-Gi-Oh cards have satanic symbols and subliminal satanic spells?

No, Yu-Gi-Oh cards do not have satanic symbols or subliminal satanic spells. The cards depict fictional monsters, spells, and abilities related to the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game's storyline. Any perceived connections to satanic symbols or spells are not intentional and are purely coincidental.

Can the god cards in reshef of destruction be taken by Change of Heart?

Any monster can be taken except for monsters that don't get affected from spells or that certain card or can't be taken by your opponent. But Change of Heart is forbidden anyways.

When the winged dragon of ra is summoned can spells and traps not be activated for the whole game?

No, it only means you can't respond to his summon with spells, traps or monster effects, so cards like Torrential Tribute will forcibly miss a chance to activate. The only thing that can be done in response, is one of Ra's own effects, either his ATK-adding trigger or his destruction Igniton Effect.After this 'response window' passes, spells, traps and monster effects can be used, it's only his own summon that is protected.

How do add spells to your spell deck in wizard101?

1. You earn training points if ya want spells from any other school than your own. the spells from your school in ravenwood are all free is you are on that level you can train those spells. you can also sometimes learn spells from quests from your teacher. 2. You can learn spells in Ravenwood, you can go to the teachers or trees but you will need ingredients to make the cards though

What are names of monster invasion cards?

battle in time cards

Do your equips go to your opponents side of the field?

No, even if your Equip cards Equip to your opponent's monster, or if your monster who has an Equip card has control switched to the opponent, the Equip card itself remains on your side of the field.