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Unfortunately no. The battery pack is sold separately.

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Q: Does the rechargeable battery pack come with a new Xbox 360 wireless controller?
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Do Wii remotes come with rechargeable batteries?

It can if you have one of the "charge and play" cords hooked up to the xbox from the controller, as you are essentially turning it into a wired controller.

How long do batteries last in a wireless XBox 360 controller?

The batteries in an Xbox 360 controller are rechargeable. When full charged, they will last several days. The batteries themselves are meant to last the life of the controller.

What's the best wireless xbox controller for the money?

The best wireless Xbox controller is made by Microsoft. It includes an adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life, and costs about 50.00.

How much store credit would gamstop give you for a xbox 360 controller?

The store credit for an Xbox 360 controller is approximately $15.50. The controller must be the one with the standard battery pack not the rechargeable one.

What is the difference between Xbox 360 elite wireless controller and Xbox 360 wireless controller?

One is Black, the normal wireless controller is White.

How do you charge batteries in wireless Xbox 360 controller?

you go to Gamestop, buy a recharagable battery for a XBox 360, you buy a recharage cable, then you put the battery in the back of the controller and plug in the cable. Wow. How did you not figure that out?

Is there a difference between the xbox 360 elite wireless controller and the xbox 360 wireless controller Can you use a regular Xbox wireless controller with the Xbox Elite?

The only difference is color, so yes, you can use a regular controller with elite console

How do you turn off the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows?

pull the battery pack out for just a second

How much does an Xbox controller cost?

A wireless controller for the XBox costs about $25.

Does a Xbox 360 come with a wireless controller?

Yes all xbox 360s come with one white wireless controller except on the elite which has one black wireless controller instead

Does Xbox Kinect controller have wireless capability?

It does have wireless connection. It has no controller. The only part you need a controller is for when you first turn your Xbox on. It is so good that you dont need a controller.

What are the features of a xbox 360 controller?

i have many colors and i have different tools, what would be a good design to spray paint an xbox controller? something like tiger or zebra stripes, urban camo, digital camo, things like that. and if it something that you would like, i will also possibly sell it online on eBay or something like that.