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A wireless controller for the XBox costs about $25.

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Q: How much does an Xbox controller cost?
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How much does a Xbox 360 wired controller cost?


How much does an Xbox 360 controller cost?

89.99 dollors

How much does a wireless Xbox controller cost?

The standard wireless controller cost $49.99 at Gamestop. There is no reason to get a cheap controller or used controller because they wear out over time. Even if you don't abuse them.

How much money does a modded controller for a xbox 360 cost?

60 to over a 100

How much does xbox slim cost with 250 gb?

it cost 300 dollors for the slim xbox 360 with a head set and wireless controller but 350 for fat

How much does a wireless controller cost for the Xbox 360?

There are several companies that make wireless controllers for the Xbox 360. If you are a believer in the microsoft name, and want an official controller, the cost is going to be around $49.99. Another option is the MadCatz controller, which goes for around $25.00

What is the price of xbox 360 controller in Bangladesh?

An xbox 360 wireless controller could cost 3150tk but no idea of the common ones :O...

Can an Xbox360 controller be used on an Xbox?

The Xbox 360 controller will not work on an original xbox console. Similarly, an original xbox controller will not work with the xbox 360. Each controller only works with its respective console. Xbox 360 Controller --> Xbox 360 Xbox controller --> Xbox

Can you connect xbox 360 controller to xbox 1?

The Xbox 360 controller will not work on the Xbox one. You will have to use an Xbox One controller.

Can I customize my xbox controller with skins like my phone has?

You can buy controller skins for the Xbox.They cost under ten dollars.

What is the difference between Xbox controllers vs Xbox 360 controllers?

Nothing much. Instead of the black and white buttons on the Xbox controller the Xbox 360 controller has RB (right bumper) and LB (left bumper). And the Xbox 360 controller is way more comfortable

How do you add a controller on Xbox 360?

You can sync your controller into your xbox 360.To do that there are certain buttons on the controller and the xbox 360 you push to sync the controller.