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No, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS lite have the same screen size.

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Q: Does the original DS have bigger screens than the DS lite?
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What is a ds simple?

I think what you mean is DS Lite. There is no such thing as DS Simple. The DS Lite is a portable gaming console that has two screens. It is smaller and lighter than the original Nintendo DS.

Is the dsi stylus bigger or smaller than the ds lite?

The tab at the end is slightly bigger on the DS Lite but they will both fit in each others slots

Is the dsi larger than the ds lite?

Many people say the screen is a tiny bit bigger on the DSi. The DSi is bulkier than the lite, the lite was designed to be small.

How is the DSI XL better than the DSI?

The screens are bigger and of better quality.

Are Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS lite the same?

Not really, 'Nintendo DS' can mean any version of the DS, but specifically would mean the 'phat' DS which is the first, original version. (it's bigger than the DS Lite)

Why When dividing a number less than 1 the answer is bigger than the original?

Because you are multiplying by the inverse, which is bigger than the original fraction.

What is better Nintendo ds or ds lite?

The better one is Nintendo ds lite because it has bigger screens than Nintendo ds, smaller and more compact, easy to take out the stylus and does not hurt your eyes as much as Nintendo ds. Though, very sorry to say, sony psp is a million times better than both of these.

What are the advantages of DS Lite over the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS Lite is lighter and smaller than its original counterpart. It also has a bigger display and has a longer lasting battery. Finally, it is equipped with four brightness levels, a feature that the Nintendo DS does not have.

What is the size of the 3DS?

The Nintendo 3DS is about a hairs-breadth bigger than the DS lite

What is the difference between a ds you and a ds lite?

A ds is stronger and has a bigger screen but has only a little less battery than a ds lite

Will a ds lite charger work in a micro Game Boy?

no it will not work cause the gbm has a bigger slot than a ds lite sorry :(

What is more better a ds lite or a psp slim and lite?

The DS Lite has sold a lot more than the PSP overall, but it's a matter of what you want, the PSP has much better graphics and controls, but the DS has 2 screens, a touchscreen and is cheaper.

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