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As long as it has a language for the name besides english...

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Q: Does the masuda method work in gen 5 if the foreign ditto was transferred from gen 4?
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How do you get shiny tepig in pokemon white?

The best thing is to get a foreign Ditto to breed with Emboar/tepig to try get the shiny using the masuda method (lowering the odds from 8192 to maybe half that. (It's hard). Alternatively you can get a cheater to hack one for you

Shiny Pokemon eggs?

Try the Masuda Method. Breed a Pokemon from a different language game with a ditto from yours. It raises chances to 1/2000

How do you use the Masuda method in Pokemon Black?

you got to the GTS and you get a japanise DITTO.and then you go to route 3 and go in the daycare put your japanise DITTO in the daycare with the pokemon you want shiny and then breed them there is a 2568 chance geting a shiny out of masuda method and there is a 8965 chance of running in to a shiny pokemon in the grass. hope this helped.

How do you get gold Magikarp in Pokemon platinum?

The Gold Magikarp is a shiny Magikarp. It evolves into a red Gyarados. There is a 1 in 8912 chance that the Pokemon you encounter is shiny. This can be reduced to 1 in 2048 chance by using the Masuda method. This is basically when you breed a Magikarp with a foreign Ditto. The egg has a 1 in 2048 chance of being shiny.

Is there a cheat or way you could get a shiny Eevee female on Pokemon black?

Try the Masuda Method. Get Ditto from Japan and breed it with the Eevee. It increases the chances of it being shiny. Alternately, there may be an Action Replay code to do something like this.

Can shiny Pokemon be bred?

Yes, you have the same odds of breeding a shiny Pokemon as you do of encountering a random one in the wild. Those odds are about 1/8000 or so, but there is a new method that you can use to help your odds. It is called the Masuda Method; get a foreign ditto in your diamond/pearl/platinum (by foreign, I mean in a different language than your game. for example, and Australian ditto on a US game will not work, they are both English). Then, by breeding the ditto with whatever Pokemon, your odds are increased to about 1/2000. This works because the creators made it so the game goes through four "shiny frames" instead of the one that it usually does, as I understand it. One thing to remember, the everstone trick (to get the nature you want) will not work. My friend has gotten a shiny male nidoran this way after a little over 100 eggs so it is definitely faster and well worth it to invest some time into going to the GTS and searching for a foreign ditto :)

Can you get a shiny Pokemon with a Shiny Stone using Dittos?

No, you'll need to get a Pokemon and a Ditto to be able to breed for shinies. Make sure that the Pokemon are each from a different country before you do this. This is known as the Masuda Method and increase your chance of getting a shiny Pokemon.

Can you hatch a shiny Pokemon if one parent is shiny?

yes this is sometimes known as the Masuda Method you are not promised a shiny but if you breed a shiny pokemon from a different Language with an english (normal) ditto The chances go from 1 in 8,000 and somthing to about 1 in 2000

If you have two games Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and you set your location to Japan in one game and trade a ditto over to the other game would that still count as a foreign ditto?


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How do you get shiney snivy?

you can get one by soft reseting at the start or breeding it with a foreign Pokemon like a Japanese ditto with a British snivy

Can you get a shiny Pokemon from a shiny ditto and a shiny jolteon in pokemon white?

No, you don't. Shiny Pokemon appear in Pokemon White version like every other Pokemon game, you can get them through breeding, a legendary could be one, or you could find one in the wild. However, using the Masuda method, which is breeding Pokemon from separate languages, it is more likely to get a shiny then in past games.