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Try the Masuda Method. Get Ditto from Japan and breed it with the Eevee. It increases the chances of it being shiny.

Alternately, there may be an Action Replay code to do something like this.

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Q: Is there a cheat or way you could get a shiny Eevee female on Pokemon black?
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What is the cheat to get eevee on Pokemon Ruby?

catch him in the wild that's how i got it :)

How do you get eeve and poliwhirl in Pokemon Emerald without cheat?

In Pokemon Emerald, Eevee and Poliwhirl can only be obtained via trading...

What is the cheat code to set Pokemon on Pokemon black?

if its DS the cheat is AYYAB

How do you get Kyogre in Pokemon black?


Can you get rigiggigas on Pokemon Black?

you have to cheat to get it

Where is vaporeon on Pokemon?

you cant just catch a vaporeon unless you Pokemon modify or cheat. the only way to get vaporeon is to get an eevee and use a water stone on it.

How To Get Eevee In Emerald?

cheat it

How do you get zecrom on pokemon black no cheat?

You trade it from white to black.

What is the cheat code dark Rayquaza in Pokemon Black?

How do you catch rayquaza in Pokemon black and white

How do you get Eevee in Hoenn region?

You can't. It's impossible unless you trade with some one who has an eevee on Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red. Or an alternative, use a cheat device like gameshark.

Cheat codes for Pokemon FireRed female Pokemon?

No there is no cheat code for that but there is a Action replay code like that for diamond and peral.

How do you level up youre Pokemon fast on Pokemon black?