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I tried it also, and it doesn't work for me either....and yes, I did spell it right, and tried 3 or 4 times..

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Q: Does the cheat yaycars work on cars?
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On cars for GameCube what are ALL the cheats for GameCube?

All the cheats are to get unlimted boost the cheat is : VROOOOM The cheat to get all minigames is : MATTL66 THe cheat to get all cars is : YAYCARS The cheat to get all paint jobs is : R4MONE

How do you unlock a car in cars the video game?

go to the main menu.go into options.go into cheat codes.enter the code yaycars and you will have all cars.hoped it helps!

What are some cheats Cars wii game?

1.Super fast start cheat code--IMSPEED 2.Unlock all races cheat code--MATTL66 3.Unlock all paint jobs cheat code--R4MONE 4.Unlock Mater's Speedy Circuit and Mater's Countdown Cleanup cheat code--TRGTEXC 5.Unlimited boost cheat code--VROOOOM 6.Unlock all movie clips cheat code--WATCHIT 7.Unlock all cars cheat code--YAYCARS That's all I know of. I'll type more when I find more!

What is the cheat for cars can drive under water in Grand Theft Auto sa ps2?

There is a cheat that makes all cars able to drive on water (Motorbikes and bikes don't work! only cars work with this cheat) Right,R2,circle,R1,L2,square,R1,R2. (P.S. This cheat will only work in GTA SA ps2.)

What the cheat code for crosstown craze to unlock the cars?

The cheat is 28740 to unlock the cars.

How do you remove the invisible cars on Liberty City?

enter the same cheat again if that does not work then basicly you are out of luck

What is the cheat to make cars fly?

the cheat is simple COMEFLYWITHME

Flying cars cheat in PSP?

how cheat flying car

Are there an all cars cheat on dirt 2?

There is not a cheat code to get all the cars in Dirt 2. In order to receive the cars, you have to get first place in the races.

Get the cheat no cars or people on San Andreas?

We have no cheats in PC have no cars and no people but we have cheat a reduce traffic this is GHOSTTOWN that is it

What are cheat codes for san and drase?

What is the cheat for nice face cars

What is the cheat code for rare cars on GTA?

cheat code for one of the race cars is VROCKPOKEY it is a rare car to find on streets. you can only have this car in the races. without cheat.