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The cheat is 28740 to unlock the cars.

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Q: What the cheat code for crosstown craze to unlock the cars?
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How do you unlock cars in Lego Racers Crosstown Craze?

You have to go to a store like walmart or finders keepers.

Are there any cheats for the Lego online game crosstown craze?

Micro ghost icerink deflect spawn sabotage Thats all i know of right now but if i find any more i will post them.posted by cheat master

Is there a cheat to unlock all cars on nfsc on ps2?

no there is not a cheat to unlock everything in Need for Speed: Carbon

How do you unlock all cars in redline rumble 4 without races?

I don't know. there could be a cheat I think you unlock them by racing the cars.

Is there a cheat to unlock all cars in midnight clu la remix for psp?

No there is nto a cheat to unlock all cars in midnight club la don't listen to a person when they say the do because they are LIARS!!!!!!

Is there a cheat to unlock all the cars in midnight club 3 dub edition?


Unlock all cars on burnout 3 cheat?

play through the game

Can you unlock all cars and parts with a cheat code on need for speed underground 2?


What is the cheat code for unlock the cars on Liberty City?

264 555 011 00

What are some cheats Cars wii game?

1.Super fast start cheat code--IMSPEED 2.Unlock all races cheat code--MATTL66 3.Unlock all paint jobs cheat code--R4MONE 4.Unlock Mater's Speedy Circuit and Mater's Countdown Cleanup cheat code--TRGTEXC 5.Unlimited boost cheat code--VROOOOM 6.Unlock all movie clips cheat code--WATCHIT 7.Unlock all cars cheat code--YAYCARS That's all I know of. I'll type more when I find more!

Is there a cheat to unlock all cars in midnight club 3 dub edition for xbox?


Can you unlock a acura in nfs pro street wii?

you can unlock all cars by entering the code: unlockallthings