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The wii has no built in hard drive, however there are people who have modded the machine to use a hard drive. The technical aspect of that however makes it very challenging.

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Q: Does the Wii come with a hard drive for storing game saves?
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Where to get xbox 360 game saves?

On your Hard Drive.

What does downloading a game to your xbox 360 do?

It saves it to the hard drive.

Does the game info save to the disc or the Xbox?

Game information saves on the Xbox's hard drive.

What does an xbox360 hard drive do?

Saves your game information, and your xbox live account.

How do you I Xbox game saves to Xbox?

First you need a hard drive or a memory unit then when playing a game check in-game instructions.

What is an xbox hard drive?

ITS IS SOMETHING TO STORE GAmes,demos,films,game saves and gamer profile/gamertags

How do you download an xbox 360 game when the device is full?

Delete some older files on your xbox hard-drive. Move your saves to your memory card. Move your saves to your Hard-Drive. Buy another hard drive and put that in place of the old one and switch between them when you need to use them.

How do you save a game in san Andreas when i try to save game the the game didn't saves it come like save file is not present?

i dont know what to do too

What does a xbox 360 hard drive do?

The hard drive allows one to save game data like saves, and also material downloaded from the marketplace, and also store music.

Can you use a usb flashdrive as a memory card?

If you are talking about PS3 yes u can save your game saves on a usb flash drive

How do you save a game in dino run?

The game auto-saves, which means it the game saves by itself.

Why do you need a hard drive for the xbox360?

The hard drive on your xbox 360 is the optional storage device which stores all your saved game progression, music, pictures and games.