Does the Nintendo DS have wi fi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, it connects to other Nintendo DS's, the Nintendo Wii, and to the internet with it.

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Q: Does the Nintendo DS have wi fi?
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Can you use Nintendo wi-fi on the Nintendo DS?

You can use wi-fi on ds lites if the game you are playing is wi-fi compatible. It tells you on the game case.

Where does the wifi adapter go on ds?

Nintendo DS are already wi-fi enabled, there is no wi-fi addon. The Nintendo wi-fi adaptor plugs into a PC USB port.

WhaT IS A nentendo ds wi-fi thing?

The Nintendo ds wi-fi Is the one you buy the Nintendo ds game. And you use WII Remote to play it.

Do you have to use Wi-Fi on My Secret World by Imagine for Nintendo DS or can you connect to friends who don't have Wi-Fi connection?

If your meaning WII Nintendo Wi-Fi you can not connect if its DS connection you can.

Do we need a Nintendo wi-fi connection to go on wi-fi on your Nintendo d.s lite?

you can use any wi-fi signal to use your DS lite

Does it cost money to have wi-fi on your Nintendo ds?


Do only Nintendo DS lite have wi-fi connections?

no Nintendo wii has wi fi connection & possibly a new model

Does the first Nintendo DS have wifi?

Yes. All versions of the Nintendo DS have Wi-Fi.

How do you make Nintendo ds games online like Pokemon?

you need to get Nintendo wi-fi on your ds

Is there internet on the Nintendo DS?

Use Nintendo DS Browser. An Opera Internet Service. Or use wi-fi

Is there a USB internet adapter for Nintendo DS?

There is a wi-fi USB internet adapter available for the Nintendo DS.

Connect your ds to the Wii?

Hook your DS and your Wii up to Nintendo Wi-Fi.