Does sonic have parents

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the Archie comic universe, his parents are Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog. Note that this is a separate universe from any of the games or TV shows, and Sonic's parents were never mentioned in any other media.

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Q: Does sonic have parents
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Who are the parents of Sonic the Hedgehog?

In the games' continuity Sonic has no known parents. However in the American comics created by Archie Jules and Bernie Hedgehog are Sonic's parents.

Does Sonic the Hedgehog have parents?

Jules (dad) and Bernie (mom) Hedgehog are Sonic's parents.

Did the Dr kill sonic shadow and silvers parents?

Shadow has no parents as he is an artificial lifeform. Sonic's parents are unheard of in the games and they are robotized in SatAM, Sonic Underground and Archie. And Silver mentions his parents in Sonic '06 ("This world was devastated before I was born")

Did Sonic the Hedgehog's parents die?

I have no idea. My guess is that Sonic's parents got killed by Dr.Eggman.

Was sonic created by dreggman?

No, Dr.Eggman created Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic had real parents.

Are Amy and Sonic Silver the Hedgehog's parents?

Nothing about Silver's parents have been revealed, but as Silver comes from approximately 200 years into the future, Sonic and Amy are definitely not his parents, but he may be a descendant.

Who are sonic the hedgehogs parents?

Jules and Bernie Hedgehog are Sonic's parents.

Who are sonic's parents?

Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog were absent early on in Sonic's life due to being robotized by Dr. Robotnik. They have since reunited with Sonic and try to both be good parents to him.

How can you hack super sonic in sonic heroes?

You'll need a Mod no dont hack or your parents will have to go to jail

When does sonic ever find his parents?

SEGA Indicates,the Reason Sonic The Hedgehog was created was to run fast and break sound barriers,not find his parents he`s kinda 18 now

Are sonic's parents dead or alive?

In Sonic Underground, Sonic's mom is Queen Aleena. She had Triplets. He has A brother Named Manic, and a sister named Sania. The Father is unknown.

What makes sonic so fast?

Nothing makes Sonic fast. He just was born with the power, just like his parents.