Does sonia kiss knuckles

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes in sonic underground ep. 29

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Q: Does sonia kiss knuckles
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Does knuckles like sonia?

It is not known if Knuckles like Sonia. There have been fan fictions that have been written that have Sonia and Knuckles in a relationship.

Does Sonia like Knuckles or Shadow?

Sonia has never met Shadow because she does not exist in the games and she only likes Knuckles in terms of friendship.

Does Sonia the hedgehog love anyone?


Who does sonia the hedgehog love?


Does Sonia the hedgehog marry Knuckles the uchidna?


Does Sonia the hedgehog get a boyfriend?

she likes knuckles and kissed him on his cheek in an sonic underground episode and knuckles secretly likes her

Does knuckles love rouge or sonia?

Okay, Knuckles loves Rouge. Not only did SEGA confirm it, but Sonia won't be incorporated in anymore Sonic games. Rouge is a major character and will be reincorporated. So yes, Knuckles and Rouge do love each other.

Who does knuckles like rouge or tikal or shade or sonia or Julie su?

a lot of people THINK that knuckles and rouge should be together, but its REALLY supposed to be knuckles and tikal.

Did rouge ever kiss knuckles?

They only kiss in fan art

Does rouge kiss knuckles?

look up knuckles and rouge some show them kissing.

Is there and episode where rouge and knuckles kiss?

No way!!!!!

Do Knuckles and Rouge kiss?

Yes alot I mean they even kiss in front of tails