Does rouge kiss knuckles

Updated: 4/28/2022
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look up knuckles and rouge some show them kissing.

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Q: Does rouge kiss knuckles
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Did knuckles ever hug rouge in sonic x?

Yes in fact I think she kissed him! they do kiss but only in the Japanese version.

Are knuckles and rouge dating?

No they aren't, mostly Knuckles and Rouge are seen as enemies. Rouge does in fact have a crush on Knuckles but Knuckles has doesn't have the same feelings for Rouge, Rouge says that he's cute when he's angry but Knuckles feels disgusted over that.

Why is Shadouge more popular when Knouge makes more sense?

When Rouge is around Knuckles,Knuckles gets annoyed.But when Rouge is around SHADOW,He doesn't mind.But sometimes,Shadow gets a little annoyed. One of the main reasons could be that in the videogames the relationship between Knuckles and Rouge hardly consists on love interest, it mainly consists in rivalry. On the other hand, the relationship between Shadow and Rouge consists in something more than just friendship or partnership. Also, there is a lot of sexual tension between Shadow and Rouge (ex. Sonic Battle and Sonic Rivals) while Knuckles and Rouge don't even have that much interaction and they don't seem to be so interested in each other.

In what episode does rouge the bat kiss tails the fox?

In episode 145 prize fight he gets kissed by rouge

Does knuckles like rouge?

In Sonic X she does and a tiny bit on the comics but not so much on the games and further in the comics. In the comics she does tend to flirt around him and also she did once try to do a simple trick on the Master Emerald to show Knuckles that she can be a 'good girl' but seeing that Knuckles already has a girlfriend named Julie-su in the comics, she tended to flirt around with Shadow instead. In the game Sonic Chronicles she does admit to Sonic that she thinks Knuckles is cute but he's not really her type. In Sonic X it's shown that Knuckles is Rouge's secret crush, those two can be seen as a couple, mostly by 4kids Tv's suggestion about those two fighting all the time.

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Is there and episode where rouge and knuckles kiss?

No way!!!!!

Did rouge ever kiss knuckles?

They only kiss in fan art

When did knuckles kiss rogue?

only in [knuckle and rouge kissing]

Do Knuckles and Rouge kiss?

Yes alot I mean they even kiss in front of tails

Does Knuckles love Rouge?

rouge always make fun of knuckles but she realy loves him.knuckles had a crush with rouge but thats all.sega must make an episode with knuckles and rouge and in this episode must be a kiss scene.don't you agree with me.sega must do that.

Did rouge and knuckles kiss?

No, Rouge and Knuckles have never kissed in any "Sonic the Hedgehog" media as of 2014. However, there have been hints in games and televisions series that the two may really like each other.

Does Amy ever kiss knuckles?

yes. Amy kisses knuckle on the beach under the moonlight when knuckles starts feeling sad because of something rouge said to him. And that's when they start gowung out and sonic and rouge get jelous.

Who does knuckles have a crush on?

Knuckles is often implied to have a crush on Rouge the Bat.

Who is stronger Rouge or knuckles?

knuckles of course

Do knuckles and rouge love each other?

Rouge likes Knuckles but Knuckles doesn't really like Rouge much, he thinks she is pretty annoying cause she hangs around Knuckles so much

What does SEGA say about rouge and knuckles?

most likely they say that rouge and knuckles like each other as friends but knuckles dosen't like rouge very much.

Does Knuckles ever kiss Rouge in Sonic X?

no.....actuly they do they fell in love after kissing but they ariganly fell into each other