Does shadow love Amy at all?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, ShadAmy fans....some think that Shadow like Amy... wash this is seem like Shadow like Amy when he said "I figured...." Shadow only talks to Amy with his solf-talk(or something like that I will say he talks to Amy with his Deep "hot" voice) Amy don't seem Shadow bad she respect him because she is the only one that see him cry and because of that she don't hate or dislike him. Amy shows affection and faith specially in Shadow the Hedgehog game. When Rouge say's "I hope he is okay" and Amy responds" of course he is okay after all he is Shadow!"

Shadow wont and NEVER want to hurt Amy of any way

1. Amy remind Maria true wish

2. Amy and Maria have almost the same personality

3. Shadow is nice to girls

Shadow is trying to not make friends because he is SCARED that he is going to lose them

so I think that's why Shadow don't see her as a friend because he is scared to lose her (a trough we don't know if he consider her as a friend)

to answers your question Shadow does love Amy as a friend.

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Q: Does shadow love Amy at all?
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Is shadow and Amy in love?

Who would think that? Amy loves Sonic, she wouldn't fall in love with Shadow.

Does shadow in love with Amy?

No he is not.

Does shadow love Amy or rouge?

Shadow may not fall in love with anyone. First of all, i think rouge likes knuckles. Second, if he were to love rouge, in my opinion, she is way too flirty. Many people think they look good together which I have to admit they do but talk about how opposites attract doesn't work in this case. And Amy and shadow? Pink........ all pink...... And black and dark red.....T.T Actually Shadow may fall in love with Amy...kidding! NO WAY Amy loves sonic so i think shadow love rouge foever!

Why shadow love Amy?

No, he doesn't only as a friend, same with Amy she's in love with Sonic (this isn't an argument for ShadAmy fans this is just how SEGA has made it Amy and Shadow don't love each other) but sorces say that sometimes amy likes shadow

Is shadow still love Amy rose?


Is shadow the hedgehog in love with Amy rose?


Does Sadow love Amy Rose?

Shadow is an "evil" clone of Sonic and when Shadow sees Amy, he has no mention of love, unlike Sonic, so it's not likely.

Does Amy love shadow or sonic?

She's a fangirl of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Why Sega want shadow love Amy?

No, they don't.

Is silver really the child of Amy and shadow?

No, he is not. Amy and Shadow don't even love each other.

Does shadow love Amy more than sonic?

Shadow loves no one.

Does Amy still love shadow?

That's one thing to know, Shadow is more likely to fall in love with Cream or Blaze, so Even if she if she did it might not matter{See question: Does shadow love Amy or maria for info.} - peace out- Timmothy She never fell in love with Shadow. She has a lot of hope for him and believes in him but is not in love with him.