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No, but another Regi exists in this game. Also in the game that is coming out (Pokemon Platinum) Regigas has a new form.

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Q: Does regi ice evolve on Pokemon diamond?
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Where do you get a regi ice on Pokemon diamond?

You can only get regi ice in sapphire,ruby,and emerald.

Is this a good team for your Pokemon diamond all level one hundred salamence dialgaarces Empoleon regi rock and regi ice?

Of Course

How do you catch the regis in Pokemon dimond?

Actually you're wrong you can NOT get the regis in Pokemon diamond, to get the regis you need Pokemon ruby/Sapphire/emerald you can get all three regis there(regi ice, regi steel, regi rock) althought if you migrate all of the regis onto Pokemon diamond you can get regi gigas(king regi) you will find him in the snowpoint temple after beating the elite four. Thanks hope i helped ^.^

On Pokemon platinum where do you find regi ice regi steal and regi rock?


What legendary Pokemon can you on Pokemon ruby?

I only know Regi rock,regi ice,regi stell and raquaza

Where do you find regi ice regi rock and regi steel in Pokemon emerald?

route 207

What Pokemon evolve using the ice rock?

No Pokemon can evolve from an Icy Rock in Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. If you are talking about the later games like Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the Ice Rock can evolve Eevee into a Glaceon.

What is an icy rock in Pokemon Diamond?

I think if you take an eevee to it, it will evolve into an ice tipe Pokemon. Same with a moss rock. it will evolve into a grass tipe Pokemon

How do you get regi ice in pokemon platium?


What is the code to get regirock in pearl?

you cant you can only get regi rock regi ice and regi steel in Pokemon platinum when you have the national pokedex

What level does piloswine evolve on Pokemon diamond?

Piloswine is an Ice and ground type Pokemon that evolves from Swinub at level 33. If it learns Ancient Power, it will then evolve into a Mamoswine.

How do you get regig rock regig steel regig ice on Pokemon platimum?

Sorry but you can't get them on Pokemon Platinum. You have to migrate regi rock regi steel and regi ice from eiter ruby or sapphire, ( idk about emerald) i hope i helped ;)