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Actually, yes. But it has nothing to do with gaming itself.

It's because if you play then you brain is Concentrated to the game.

It needs alot of 'CoolDown' till you can rest without problems.

So playing Video Games before you go to sleep is a bad idea.

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Q: Does playing video games affect the way you sleep?
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Is there an affect on heart rate when playing video games?

yes,because you are moving when you are playing the game

Why does your daughter not sleep at all?

staying up earlynor playing video games all night

Do video games affect vision temporarily?

Yes, video games affect your vision for only about 20 seconds. It depends how long you have been playing and how many times you looked away.

Do video games affect dogs?

Video games can affect everyone and everything around you if you negelect your basic duties in favor of playing video games. Things like, ignoring your pets, family, relatives, letting your sink pile up with dishes, etc. So long as you keep your dog fed, video games will not affect him/her.

How does playing video games affect your life?

It makes you more aware and have faster reactions.

Do video games affect pulse rate?

usually yes depending on which game you are playing

How does watching television vs playing video games affect your blood pressure?

it does it by the games and t.v. gets in your brain

Does playing violent video games affect the human mind?

It can or it can't. for people with aggression problems sometimes it can.

What is wrong with playing video games?

Absolutely nothing is wrong with playing video games.

Can you get addicted to video games and what are the symptoms?

Yes, you can get addicted to video games. One might spends hours and hours playing without eating or sleeping. I read an article once about a man who spent three days playing an online video game with little food and water and no sleep. He eventually passed out and died. Playing an excessive amount of video games might lead to seizures as well.

Does playing video games affect your heart rate negatively?

In some ways it does because if the game is exiting like killing games it does but if you are bored of them game it does not.