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Q: Does left 4 dead 2 have multiplayer gameplay?
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Should I get Left 4 Dead 2 or Just cause 2?

I would prefer Left 4 Dead 2. It has better graphics and pwnsome multiplayer and campaign.

What are the multiplayer zombie games on XBox?

I would say ether left 4 dead or left 4 dead 2. It is an awesome game and I recommend buying them.

Is metriod prime for gamcube multi player?

Metroid Prime is not multiplayer, however Metroid Prime 2: Echoes does feature multiplayer gameplay.

Can you play 2 players on left 4 dead?

yes u can go to multiplayer and click 2 players not online

Will dead space 2 have offline co op or multiplayer?

No, you can't play dead space 2 offline multiplayer

Will dead space 2 have offline co-op or multiplayer?

No, you can't play dead space 2 offline multiplayer

Can you play left 4 dead 2 multiplayer off line with 2 controllersn with no golden Xbox live membership?


Is left 4 dead 2 mutiplayer?

Yes. the back of the game box will always say if a game is singleplayer, multiplayer, xboxlive multiplayer. Always check there if you do not know.

Is dead space 2 going to have a multiplayer?

Yes it will have Online Multiplayer

What game is better left 4 dead 2 or black ops?

Well...ummm Black ops is way better then left 4 dead 2. Black ops got zombies and multiplayer mode and WAY better graphics! annd left 4 dead 2 gets borring!

Is Dead Rising 2 multiplayer?

It is multiplayer online but not split screen.

Is army of two a 2 player?

Army Of Two (as hinted in the title) was intended for Multiplayer gameplay so yes it is a 2 player.